Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk appropriately commented at the 2019 Radio Show, "Things change and we need to change with them. Pictures, video, words and audio that will never change – that’s how we communicate. Where we communicate it and in what distribution forum is constantly changing."

Radio’s birthright of communicating has always been at the forefront of the medium’s success, and a core tenet of the unparalleled relationships with our listeners and advertising partners. Radio’s embrace of technology platforms including podcasting, streaming, and voice has led to the audio explosion we are now experiencing.

In 2019, RAB’s advocacy efforts and initiatives have focused on the audio boom, helping us to share Radio’s powerful story and to let our core constituencies of advertisers and broadcasters know that while Audio is Hot – Radio is Hotter!

Utilizing every communication tool we know – from informal sit-downs, national and regional conferences, phone calls and emails, blogs and podcasts, social media and newsletters, your RAB has spent the better part of the year educating and sharing Radio’s strong position and outlook for the coming year. Our mission remains to:

RAB’s Executive Committee is focused on updating the long-term strategy of the organization to meet the needs of the industry in 2020 and beyond. To that end, RAB Vice Chair Mike Hulvey is leading the Strategic Planning Committee, and you’ll be hearing more about the committee’s work in the coming year.

This Annual Report serves as our update to the broadcasting community of our 2019 efforts. On behalf of your entire RAB team, it is our privilege to serve America’s radio broadcasters with our advocacy, business development and professional development efforts.

Erica Farber
President and CEO
Radio Advertising Bureau
Susan Larkin
Chair, Radio Advertising Bureau
Regional Vice President
Entercom Communications