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Profiling adults 18+ who took part in online dating during the past 30 days:

GfK MRI, 2010

Of those adults who visited an online dating service in the last 30 days, 50.5% were male and 49.5% were female.

GfK MRI, 2010

Adults 18+ who took part in online dating in the past 30 days, by income bracket: $100,000+, 22.1%; $75-99,999, 15.6%; $60-74,999, 10.2%; $50-59,999, 10.7%; $40-49,999, 10.4%; $30-39,999, 8.3%; $20-29,999, 9.1%; under $20,000, 13.6%.

GfK MRI, 2010

Adults 18+ who visited an online dating site in the past 30 days, by marital status: Single, 44.1%; married, 13.7%; separated/widowed/divorced, 42.2%.

GfK MRI, 2010

Adults 18+ who participated in online dating in the last 30 days, by age group: 18-24, 14.4%; 25-34, 21.7%; 35-44, 26.4%; 45-54, 23.6%; 55-64, 10.4%; 65+, 3.4%.

GfK MRI, 2010

Adults 18+ who visited an online dating site in the previous 30 days, by ethnic group: White, 75.3%; Black, 12.2%; Other, 12.5%; Hispanic origin, 14.7%.

GfK MRI, 2010

Adults 18+ who took part in online dating in the last 30 days, by region: Northeast, 20.2%; Midwest, 20.2%; South, 32.4%; West, 27.2%.

GfK MRI, 2010

According to research by, approximately 44% of American adults are single. And there are 86 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women in the U.S.

Match.Com, 2008

Based on a Hitwise study of the top online dating sites, the ratio of male-to-female visitors was around 50/50, except for eHarmony, which had a male-to-female ratio of 38% to 62%. The study also found that the average age range of eHarmony visitors was around 25-34, compared to 35-44 for

Hitwise, 2008

Research by Quantcast determined that 36% of visitors to eHarmony earn from $30,000 to $60,000, with 27% making $60,000 to $100,000, and 20% earning over $100,000. Caucasians accounted for 80% of the visitors, followed by African-Americans, at 9%, and Hispanics, at 7%.

Quantcast, 2008

A study by ComScore found that 13% of U.S. Web users had tried a dating service at least once.

Dating Sites, 2008

A 2008 study by It's Just Lunch concluded that 76% of women date men that are least 5 years older than them, while 80% of men date women that are at least 5 years younger than them.

It's Just Lunch, 2008

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Based on research by comScore, February is traditionally the busiest month for the dating industry.

comScore, 2008

National Singles Week is celebrated the third week in September each year.

Business Wire, 2008

A 2008 survey by Dating Sites asked its audience how often they log into an online dating site: A couple of times a day, 28.3%; at least once a day, 25.7%; once every 2-3 days, 13.0%; twice a week, 5.8%; only on weekends, 3.4%; once a week, 5.4%; once every couple of weeks, 18.4%.

Dating Sites, 2008

Why They Buy Source

According to a 2007 survey by Synovate, the main factors in determining whether the adult respondents would communicate with someone through an online dating website: Liked the individual's personality in his/her written description, 40%; the individual met basic criteria such as hobbies, statistics, etc., 33%; liked their picture or how they looked, 27%. 

Synovate, 2007

Based on a 2007 survey by Synovate, main reasons why the adult respondents would not consider using an online personal ad or online dating service: Would rather see someone in person first, 42%; it could be dangerous, 30%; don't think the Internet should be used to find someone to date, 22%; believes there is a bad stigma associated with meeting someone this way, 4%; friend or family member had a bad experience with it, 2%.

Synovate, 2007

How They Buy Source

An early-2008 study by Hitwise showed that the average time for a visit to an online dating site was 17 minutes and 7 seconds.

Hitwise, 2008

A study by JupiterResearch estimated that individuals paying for online dating services spend an average of $239 per year.

JupiterResearch, 2007

Where They Buy Source

According to a 2010 study by dating website OkCupid, the best U.S. cities for online dating (cities with the highest percentage of adults who maintain active profiles on the OkCupid site): 1. Boston; 2. Washington, DC; 3. San Francisco; 4. Seattle; 5. Atlanta; 6. Portland; 7. Philadelphia; 8. Los Angeles; 9. Dallas; 10. Detroit.

Forbes, 2010

A 2008 survey conducted by Forbes magazine ranked the best cities for single adults in the U.S., according to six criteria: Culture; nightlife; number of singles; job growth; cost of living; and the results of a readers' poll. The top 10 metro areas were: 1. Atlanta; 2. San Francisco; 3. (tie) Dallas and Minneapolis; 5. Washington, DC; 6. Seattle; 7. Boston; 8. New York City; 9. Orlando; 10. Phoenix.

Forbes, 2008

A 2008 survey by Dating Sites asked its readers which online dating service they would recommend to others:, 27.0%; eHarmony, 21.3%; Yahoo! Personals, 12.9%;, 8.6%; LavaLife, 6.5%; True, 6.2%; FriendFinder, 5.9%;, 5.7%; Chemistry, 3.5%;, 2.4%. 

Dating Sites, 2008

According to comScore, the most popular online dating Web sites as September 2008, based on number of unique visitors: 1. Singlesnet; 2. Yahoo! Personals; 3. TRUE; 4.; 5. eHarmony.

comScore, 2008

Based on a survey by, 69% of the adult respondents indicated they would consider using an Internet dating service, while 20% said they would not and 11% weren't sure., 2008

Business Trends Source

Revenue generated by the online dating industry totaled approximately $900 million in 2007, and is projected to climb to $1.9 billion by 2012. An estimated $350 million was spent in advertising by the online dating services in 2007.

JupiterResearch, 2008

According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 20 million people visit at least one online dating service each month.

Online Dating Magazine, 2008

According to Hitwise, there are approximately 1,400 online dating sites in the U.S., up from less than 900 in 2005.

The New York Times, 2008

Through the first three quarters of 2007, leading advertising spenders among the top dating services (totals in millions):, $145.5;, $88.1; Teligence (Live Links, Tango, Redhot, Vibeline, Fonchat), $31.6; First Media Group (Quest Dating), $20.3; Singlesnet, $16.0; Yahoo!, $14.0;, $13.7;, $13.4; LavaLIfe, $7.5.

The Nielsen Company, 2008