While we all know that radio provides advertisers and marketers with the best value and significant return on investment (ROI), in the past we’ve had to rely on multiple source or indirect measurement as evidence.  When you wonder why major advertisers like P&G use so little radio, it's because they have needed a single source ROI for them to feel comfortable moving advertising to radio. And now, courtesy of a new single-source measurement study developed by Nielsen Catalina Solutions on behalf of Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, we have it.

Advertising Age said that the study proves that radio provides “an ROI double that of even the best results from many recent studies of digital or TV media”!  With this new study and the ongoing studies that will be done for specific campaigns, we now have the kind of evidence that advertisers have been asking for.
The importance of the study’s results cannot be overstated.  
Specifically, the study concluded:

  • Radio drives sales! For every $1 of advertising, radio delivers $6+ in sales; payback varies by category
  • Current GRP levels for most CPG radio campaigns are low (too low to show well in MMM models and total sales impact)
  • Radio was able to target brand category buyers very well even though bought on demographics
  • African Americans and Hispanics show higher response to exposure
  • Radio delivers a strong impact close to purchase. The closer exposure is to purchase, the higher the response.

In addition to the release of this important ROI study, Nielsen Catalina Solutions recently coordinated an event with panels of advertisers and senior broadcast executives who spoke to the impact of this study and discussed how broadcasters can demonstrate to their clients that radio works hard for their brands and products. 

We’re pleased to share this event with you courtesy of Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, which hosted this presentation at their executive offices in New York on Monday, April 28.  All you have to do is hit ‘Play Video’ to experience the event and hear the insights shared there. 

This is game-changing research.  We know you’ll enjoy watching.


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