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Radio Today from Nielsen

These reports offer a window into the world of national radio and its listeners. Select a report:

Radio Ad Lab Studies

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) is pleased to provide you with the new series of consumer research studies from the Radio Ad Lab (RAL), designed to help you prove the unparalleled marketing power of Radio. These studies include a playbook to help you present this groundbreaking research to your clients.

What Happens When the Spots Come On? (2011 Edition)

What Happens When the Spots Come On? Nielsen and Edison Media Research are pleased once again to provide compelling and insightful research for the benefit of the Radio industry. In this second spot load study, we reexamine many of the findings from the first spot load study, including determining the degree to which listeners perceive an increase or decrease in the number of Radio commercials, and we also ascertain how listeners would like programming and advertising to be presented.

Radio: The Emotional Multiplier

This fascinating study, commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau in the United Kingdom, focuses on Radio's ability to boost listeners' happiness and energy levels, and create a more receptive advertising audience in the process. The RAB UK report re-affirms findings from previous RAL studies, including the Engaging Consumer Emotions series, Radio and the Internet, and the Personal Relevance series.

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