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African American Marketplace


America's 38.3 million African Americans represent approximately 13% of the total population. African American households wield an estimated $719 billion in income and increasingly spend on goods and services that are lifestyle-oriented, according to latest edition of "The Buying Power of Black America." In this special section devoted to this important consumer group, RAB showcases a number of excellent resources for buyers and sellers seeking to communicate with this powerful market.

You may also request information on the African American market - including special runs from our Mediamark Research, Inc. (MRI) national consumer database by calling RAB's Member Response Team at 1-800-232-3131.

Latest African American Articles

Below, find the 10 latest Articles on Demand articles. See the search options below to search the complete Articles on Demand library.

View Title Date Source
View Much of the recent growth of thrift stores can be attributed to young shoppers 08/25/14
View 08/20/14 Experian Marketing Services
View 08/19/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/19/14 Nielsen
View 08/19/14 Strategic Vision
View 08/19/14 Automotive News
View 08/18/14 Store Brands
View 08/18/14 Strategic Vision
View 08/18/14 Strategic Vision
View 08/18/14 Nielsen Audio
View 08/18/14 Nielsen Audio
View 08/18/14 MassMutual
View 08/18/14 MassMutual
View 08/18/14 MassMutual
View 08/18/14 Mobile Commerce Daily
View 08/18/14 Mobile Commerce Daily
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 Selig Center for Economic Growth
View 08/18/14 MyWireless.org
View 08/18/14 MyWireless.org
View 08/18/14 MyWireless.org
View 08/15/14 Hispanic Retail 360
View 08/15/14 Packaged Facts
View 08/14/14 Commonwealth Fund
View NAACP forms partnership with Dunkin' Brands to grow black-owned franchises 07/30/14 Target Market News
View 07/24/14 Gallup Poll
View 07/22/14 Technomic, Inc.
View Census Report Provides Latest Age, Diversity Information 07/02/14
View Survey Identifies Brand Preferences, Reasons for Buying Among Ethnic Auto Customers 06/04/14
View Small Businesses Expected to Increase Tech Expenditures 06/03/14
View Survey Ranks America's Favorite Grocery Brands 06/03/14
View The number of black or African-American-owned restaurant businesses jumped 188% 06/02/14 National Restaurant Association
View Automotive Brands Adapting to a More Diverse Market 05/21/14
View Hispanic, African American Radio Audiences Reach Historic Highs 05/07/14
View NAHB Study Reveals Key Differences in Home Preferences Based on Race or Ethnicity 04/23/14
View 04/10/14 Society of American Florists
View Hottest Ad Categories in 2014 04/09/14
View 02/14/14 Marketdata Enterprises
View 08/22/13 Motion Picture Association of America
View 08/21/13 Motion Picture Association of America
View 06/28/13 Urban Land Institute
View 06/04/13 Placed Insights
View Minority dealers are adding import brands Automotive News

Important Research Links

The links below are some that we have found useful over the years. There may be other resources that you are using that you would like to share with RAB and our members. If you have suggestions, please e-mail them to RAB's Member Response team with the subject line RECOMMENDED LINKS. Shared knowledge will improve this African American Marketplace section for all users.

Nielsen Audio is an international media and marketing research firm serving Radio, cable, out-of-home and online Radio industries. Recent studies of primary interest for the African American market are:

Black History Month

Black History Month represents a number of key opportunities for promotional efforts in your market. Below are a number of resources to aid in researching this event.

Also check the MP3 Audio Library in the African-American category for sample vignettes.

Black Youth Project
Black Youth Project is an initiative of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture to examine the attitudes, resources and culture of African American youth ages 15-25 and how they impact society.

Edison Media Research
Edison Media Research is a leader in opinion and marketing research for broadcasters, advertisers and marketers offers insights into the African American audience's relation to News and Talk Radio at http://www.edisonresearch.com.

Institute of African American Research
Institute of African American Research operates out of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The central mission of the Institute is to advance scholarly investigation of the history and social experiences of those of African descent, with emphasis on Black Americans. The goal of IAAR is to further study of this population group as a means of enhancing and understanding their role in society.

Scarborough Research
Scarborough Research is a key source of consumer shopping insights, measuring local, regional and national shopping patterns, lifestyles and media habits. Many of their free studies contain valuable data on the African American consumer's interaction with retailers and service providers.

Selig Center
Selig Center at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia publishes annual updates on Minority Buying Power. Visit http://media.terry.uga.edu/documents/selig/buying_power_2008.pdf for the latest information.

The Media Audit
The Media Audit offers syndicated research studies for the marketing, communications and media industries. Local-market, qualitative-audience studies cover ethnic markets as part of general market studies.

Yankelovich Research
Yankelovich Research has been a preeminent authority on consumer attitudes and marketing futures since 1958.

Other Key Links for African American Market Insights

American Legacy Magazine
American Legacy Magazine focuses on African American culture, history and life issues.

Black America Study
Black America Today provides a fresh look at more than 30 million African-Americans - based on the most detailed snapshot ever of African American life. Finding strong group identity around culture and traditions, the study sheds light on and shatters myths about who we are as a community.

Black Congressional Monitor
Black Congressional Monitor - Twice a month, this publication takes a look at U.S. Federal Government initiatives relative to African Americans and the African American community. Every issue contains contact information on topics covered.

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise - Since 1979, the leading premier business, investment and wealth-building how-to magazine for African American professionals, chief executives, decision makers and entrepreneurs.

The Black E.O.E. Journal
The Black E.O.E. Journal - Designed to be the epicenter for African Americans seeking employment and business opportunities within corporate America, the goal of this business journal is to connect, educate and promote equal opportunity to create a more diverse workplace environment.

Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications
Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications provides news, research and resources for students and professionals with an interest in understanding the U.S. Hispanic marketplace (and the African American market, as well).

Color of Service
Color of Service is aimed at present and past ethnic and minority members of America's military. It is geared to helping them build on their service to their country to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Ethnic Majority
Ethnic Majority is dedicated to empowering African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans to advance themselves in society and improve their quality of life by focusing on challenges in business, politics, civil rights, media/entertainment, the workplace, consumer markets, housing, healthcare and education.

Ethnic Print Media Group
Ethnic Print Media Group - Ethnic newspaper rep firm offers statistics on African Americans and markets with a large African American population.

Howard University Library
Howard University Library - From one of America's leading Black universities, a compendium of resources for information and statistics on the African American population.

Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research
Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research at the University of Albany (NY) carries out urban studies ranging from local planning initiatives to national endeavors examining change over time. Main focus is on ethnic and immigrant populations.

Magazine Publishers Association
Magazine Publishers Association - or MPA The trade association for magazines provides in-depth demographics, lifestyles and consumer patterns of the African American marketplace.

Marketing to the Emerging Majorities
Marketing to the Emerging Majorities is a monthly digest of news, research and case studies on marketing to Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Minority Business Entrepreneur
Minority Business Entrepreneur is a bi-monthly forum for minority and women business owners, corporations and government agencies.

Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.
Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. provides a resource for marketing executives who want to market to multicultural markets or announce diversity news and for journalists seeking diverse sources and experts in marketing to America's ethnic and minority markets.

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
National Association of Black Broadcasters - or NABOB was established in 1976. It is the first and largest organization representing the interests of African American owners of Radio and TV stations. Content focus is on news and industry events.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
For more than 95 years, this organization has worked to advance through education the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and discrimination.

News and Notes on National Public Radio
News and Notes on National Public Radio links to the popular radio program focusing on news and discussion of cultural, political, social and economic interest to the African American community.

Phoenix Marketing International
Phoenix Marketing International is a private company founded in 1999 to integrate industry expertise, research, marketing, modeling and multicultural knowledge to assist clients in garnering maximum return on investment from their expenditures. Also access a keynote speech to the financial community covering the African American consumer.

Quirk's Marketing Research Review
Quirk's Marketing Research Review has been providing practical applications in marketing research for over 20 years. Topics include case histories, research techniques and trends and data use, as well as features on ethnic marketing.

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association - or SIMFA offers studies on the African American and various segments of the financial and investments industries.