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Tom Barnhardt  -   Senior Vice President of Technical Services

Tom Barnhardt

Senior Vice President of Technical Services

I have been working for the RAB and our members for over 16 years. The day-to-day technical operations have never been a 9-to-5 job, and I get asked frequently, "What do you when you are not in the office or working from home?" I spend as much time as possible with my beautiful wife and our children; going to the gym to work out, seeing movies, eating out and taking vacations together.

I have been in the technical services field for well over 25 years. I grew up with punch card readers and built my first portable PC. It weighed 50lbs!! Most people would be surprised to know that I don't even have a Facebook account yet.

Working with technology, sometimes you need to step back and regroup. The best place for thinking, for me, is in the server room. The constant humming helps block all other distractions and allows me to concentrate on the task at hand. It's also a great place to talk to myself and get the correct answer.