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Beverly Fraser  -   Senior Vice President Controller

Beverly Fraser

Senior Vice President Controller

I arrived at 304 Park Ave South NYC in the spring of 1994 and was interviewed by two guys named Harley Park and Van Allen; this was after responding to an ad for an accounting position. "Must be willing to relocate" was the catchphrase for me. I was met at DFW Airport by Ron Ruth with a sign reading, "Beverly Fraser." I work and live in the Dallas office, but still call NYC home.

I enjoy working with numbers and people - in that order (I wish you could hear my infectious laugh right now). I have a serious face, but a big smile on the inside; working on showing it more on the outside. Children and education are my passions, so I have "adopted" over 100 schoolchildren on the island of Jamaica; many of whom benefit from mentoring or financial assistance offered each year. I spend my spare time reading and hanging out with Robert Osborne on TCM.

No matter how low NY sport teams sink, I remain a loyal fan, especially when they are playing Texas teams.

As an aspiring track star in high school, my very short-lived dream was to be an Olympian sprinter and hurdler.

"You're So Vain" by Carly Simon and "One Love" by Bob Marley are two of my favorite songs. Favorite signs: "All I ask is that you treat me no differently than you would the Queen" and "Keep calm and carry on."