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Brandeis Hall  -   Vice President of Professional Development

Brandeis Hall

Vice President of Professional Development


I tripped and fell into Radio in 1986 when a fellow begged me to host the morning show on a college radio station. (OK, "begged" might be a little strong, but he DID ask.) Driven by ambition and ego, I was the Development Director within three years. Soon after, WBAP in Dallas/Ft. Worth recruited me for their Promotions Department. Free concert tickets, mugs and t-shirts, cool remotes - how could I say no? Then France's bi-lingual Radio 74 asked me to cross The Pond and direct their English-language programming. "Mais, oui!" Eventually, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation lured me over the border into Geneva to help them create and launch the country's first English-language FM Radio station. Shockingly, after living adjacent to the Alps for 7 years, I remain an appalling skier. But in my defense, I can identify an impressive range of Western European cheeses. While in Europe, I indulged my appetite for travel; careening all over Western Europe and the British Isles (including Belfast...Yowza!). I trekked Morocco and safaried Kenya (becoming violently ill while there, but I'm saving that story for my memoirs). I also learned to speak "English" in addition to "American." Ultimately, my path brought me back to the Dallas/Fort Worth market, where I worked with two local stations in sales and production before finagling a position with the Radio Advertising Bureau.

In my current position as Vice President of Professional Development, I get to offer Radio stations vibrantly creative solutions for their clients, specializing in helping them find and maximize revenue sources outside of traditional advertising budgets. I drink prodigious amounts of coffee and teas (excepting Earl Grey, which is vile). And I still travel at every opportunity, visiting all but two states in the continental U.S., many of the Caribbean islands, Alaska, South Africa, traipsing back to Europe and dear England, and to Idaho Falls, Idaho (which is practically Canada, if you ask me). My current mantra is, "Keep calm and read Jane Austen." Oh, and I can sing the Greek alphabet; but rarely do.