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John Potter  -   Senior Vice President of Professional Development

John Potter

Senior Vice President of Professional Development


My title is SVP/Professional Development at RAB, but what it means is I oversee our training and certifications online, in-person, and live webinars. If you can't find me in the office I am probably on the road attending conferences, conducting training, or recording video training.

When I'm not working you might find me attending a photography workshop. I like photographing landscapes - it gives me time to catch my breath when hiking (my photo website www.potterphotos.com). I also love snow skiing in winter; sailing in summer.

People would be surprised to know the number of years experience I have in radio and Interactive after seeing how young and vibrant I look.

People around the office tell me I am a geek. I'm usually the first kid on the block to have the latest gadget... iPod, iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet, netbook, notebook, digital SLR, camcorders, helmet cams, 3D video, streaming, websites...

My office:

But don't think of me as a total nerd.
My best work is usually done on bar napkins.