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Andy Rainey  -   Senior Vice President of Research

Andy Rainey

Senior Vice President of Research

Andy's long career exposed her to many aspects of the media business in preparation for her job at RAB: Beginning on the agency side in the Mad Men era (account work, buyer), she transitioned to the radio station rep business where she devoted 20 years to research and marketing services; moved to a local NYC station where she combined research duties with an agency list, and did the same for the Travel Channel in its early days; then put in a year stint at Arbitron before joining RAB in 1993. She's had first-hand experience with the issues and challenges RAB's members face every day on the street and is ready to help deal with them.

A dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, Andy moved to Texas with the RAB in 1994 and has learned to love the wide open spaces. But don't think she's totally adapted: Her 2000 Civic boasts only 24,000 miles (and dang, she's keeping it till it hits 40K); she still doesn't have big hair; and she continues to travel the extra miles to that other Paris.

In her spare time, Andy elaborately entertains her Texas kitties, Tweed and Elle, and is a voracious reader of anything and everything. Her passionate causes are racehorse rescue, rehab and retraining or retirement, as well as strong support of The New Bolton Center's ongoing research to find a cure for laminitis.