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Brooke Williams  -   Senior Vice President of Membership

Brooke Williams

Senior Vice President of Membership

Radio is in my blood- having spent nearly my entire life in broadcasting starting with voice work as a small child at my father's owned-and-operated, Oklahoma-based Omni Media Group. I served many roles within the company such as Sales Manager for KWOX-FM/KMZE-FM and Station Manager for KOMI-TV in Woodward, OK.

Intrigued by various facets of the business, I moved to affiliate sales with ABC Radio Networks in Dallas, and subsequently, a posting as Regional Sales Manager for SiteShell Corp. in Connecticut, where I was responsible for selling the network that built and maintained websites for radio stations. I joined Radio & Records in Los Angeles as an account executive in 2001, selling advertising for the trade publication and sponsorships for R&R conventions. Since 2007, I have overseen marketing and sales as Vice President of NTS MediaOnline, a News/Talk/Sports Radio trade publication that also produces Talk Radio conferences.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. Go Pokes!

Currently, I also serve as President and Owner of Dallas-based 4WERD Media Corporation and KZZW-FM in Woodward, OK.