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Dennis Wingo  -   Accounting Analyst

Dennis Wingo

Accounting Analyst

Hello from TEXAS!

Confirming your suspicion that the photo here is not a current one.

I served in the ARMY as a DRAFTEE many years ago and as I recall my MISSION then was to get in and get out. My attitude toward the military now is certainly a more mature one and is due in large part to having a son that presently serves in the U.S. Army at a terrible duty station in HAWAII! As they say someone has to do it.

Shortly after exiting the military I did what was certainly the best decision of my life and married JUDITH, my wife. She has been in her career an educator and perhaps some of her smarts has rubbed off on me. She encouraged my college attendance, TCU, GO FROGS!. A daughter and her husband live locally and seem to " work all the time" rounds out my family portrait.

Now the family at RAB is another source of pride for me. I have professional colleagues that in our TEAM approach have different tasks, mine for now is trying to keep the CASH flowing and other functions in our accounting area, that are all dedicated to RAB's MISSION to promote RADIO in the marketplace and to keep it the vital medium it truly is.

So here are your MARCHING ORDERS TROOPS - get out there daily and serve the public through RADIO.