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Tiffiney Wyatt  -   Director of Member Response

Tiffiney Wyatt

Director of Member Response

Bill Clinton was President when I got into Radio... it was a few years before Al Gore decided he created the internet. The first song I remember hearing on my grandmother's floor model radio was "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" by Frankie Lymon and I thought it to be an interesting question as I polished the wood of the casing with oil on a dust cloth. I never thought I would fall in love in high school, but I did when I met Radio.

Since then, I have picked up some great degrees from some prestigious universities, gained some great memories at stations around the world, and have gone through a million hairstyles and loved every one of them. I have learned I am not the Next American Idol, though I love to sing, but could probably sell you a schedule on your own station. Yes, the word on the street is sales is my thing. Instead of taking my talents to South Beach like my fellow Ohio native, Lebron James, I brought my talents to Dallas.

As the Director of Member Response, I am blessed to have the privilege to work with sellers from all over and help them keep Radio's swagger turned on high. Golf, laughing fits, family fun nights, campfires and frequent flyer miles is what my weekends consist of. According to the survey (keep in mind the only one surveyed was my 7 year old son who is spoiled rotten), I am the best Mother in the world and I make a mean macaroni and cheese.