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CDMC: Certified Digital Marketing Consultant


In the tradition of the RAB’s storied certification programs comes the RAB’s new certification, the Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) program. In keeping with the transitions of an ever changing media landscape, this new designation (for Radio Sellers Only) is designed to recognize expertise in new media marketing.

CDMC Requirements

To achieve certification, each candidate must attend two, one-hour webinars, successfully complete all eight online classes and pass the CDMC 100 question final exam.

CDMC is offered in a four week track. Candidates will attend a live orientation webinar in the first week of their given track. Candidates will then complete eight online classes and quizzes at their convenience. In the third week they attend a live wrap-up webinar. Candidates take the Final Exam at their convenience anytime within the next week. Please talk to your Educational Services representative for a list of class start dates.

Specific CDMC topics included:

  • Understanding what advertisers want from Interactive marketing opportunities
  • Identifying the digital marketing assets available through your stations
  • Learning the value of those assets, and when and how to combine them for maximum impact and maximum revenue
  • Learning the language of Interactive marketing – how to describe your digital assets in ways that make sense to marketing decision-makers, and the technical terms used for planning, execution, and measurement of results.
  • Learning how to find the Interactive decision-makers – not always the same people you’re calling on!
  • Examples of successful Interactive marketing programs created by innovative stations
  • Learning how to educate others in your organization about Interactive revenue opportunities, and how to maximize your overall sales revenue as a result

Detailed Curriculum

This class looks at the current state of Interactive. We'll see how the web has evolved from text and graphics to include audio, video, and dynamic content… moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and its user generated content. This growing medium is attracting billions of advertising dollars. In this class you will learn the latest of where advertisers are investing those dollars.

  • Opening Webinar:
    • A brief orientation of what the CDMC is all about
    • Best Practices for Radio to generate revenue today
    • Buzz words - what's hot on Madison Avenue and Main Street
    • The "Next Big Thing" - Mobile marketing
    • Direction on the most important terms in the glossary
    • Pricing suggestions
    • Q & A

  • Access to Online Interactive Community
    CDMC participants will be available to ask questions of peers and RAB trainers, share successes (or failures), discuss specific accounts/agencies, and communicate with RAB trainers.
  • Interactive Training 1.2 Geek Speak
    Interactive buyers lose trust and confidence in sellers who do not understand the products they are trying to sell. It starts with knowing the vocabulary and what is important to Interactive buyers. We’ll cover terms and definitions and how to use them when talking to Interactive buyers. We’ll also look at Interactive’s most popular advertising products and how buyers commonly refer to them.
  • Interactive Training 1.3 Systems for Stations’ Interactive Sales
    Stations today would not exist if it were not for engineers to install and maintain equipment, people to write creative, people to produce commercials, personalities and news people to create content. Here are the systems your station needs to compete in this new medium.
    Interactive Training 1.4 What Interactive Buyers Want
    Interactive buyers want many of the things media buyers want, but they are looking for some special skills from salespeople. This class gives you a head start in dealing with these specialized buyers.
  • Interactive Training 1.5 Pricing Your Interactive Advertising
    Pricing is always an issue in any sales situation. We want to get the highest price possible for our products, yet we do not want to be overpriced. Pricing models for Interactive advertising are outlined in this class.
  • Interactive Training 1.6 Selling Interactive to Auto Dealers
    The factories are moving millions of advertising dollars to Online. General Motors is now spending more in Online than Radio advertising. The factories are telling dealers they should be moving to Online as well. Here’s how you can keep some of those shifting dollars.
  • Interactive Training 1.7 Selling Interactive to Retailers
    Retailers have traditionally put their advertising dollars into Newspaper. But even the least sophisticated retail advertisers are increasingly aware of the need to advertise on the Internet. Find out how you can use your station Interactive products to generate additional business from this category.
  • Interactive Training 1.8 Radio’s Interactive Benefits for Advertisers
    Why should an advertiser or agency consider your station’s Interactive opportunities? You will get a list of ten advertiser benefits for advertising Online. And most importantly, learn why an advertiser should consider a Radio station website over the many other online opportunities.
  • Interactive Training Live Webinar 1.9 Interaction of Applicants and Trainers
    Applicants will have the opportunity to ask questions of trainers and interact with each other. Exercises with case studies will be discussed with live interaction. Best practices for Interactive content and marketing will conclude the training.
  • Interactive Training – Final Exam 100 Multiple Choice Questions

For more information on just how economically you can bring this training to your stations, contact Rob Boaden at 800-344-9961 or rboaden@rab.com.