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Online Courses for Sales


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RAB Professional Development delivers our highly-acclaimed classes right to your computer, giving you access to this training any time and anywhere you have internet. RAB Professional Development Online combines video with text, learner interaction, and online quizzes for a complete learning experience: the most relevant training available in an entertaining, easy learning format. What's more, Sales Managers are able to monitor progress of classes and accreditation via email notification.

While each course is available on an individual basis, the best value lies in our Unlimited Total Access Training. As the name implies, you get unlimited seats to the three RAB online sales training and accreditation courses below:

  • RMP: Radio Marketing Professional course for new sellers
  • CRMC: Certified Radio Marketing Consultant course for advanced sellers
  • CDMC: Certified Digital Marketing Consultant for digital sellers

You can upgrade your Unlimited Total Access training plan to include RAB's Certified Radio and Integrated Marketing Consultant (CRMCi) and Certified Radio Sales Manager (CRSM) training and accreditation courses.

You can put all of your staff through all of the courses to grow their skill sets. You might even consider putting potential hires through the Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) course before investing in draws and guarantees that don't pan out.

This is truly the most comprehensive and most affordable RAB training ever; designed to meet all your sales training needs for an entire year!


Individual Course Details

CDMC: Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

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The new Certified Digital Marketing Consultant online training program addresses the needs of all radio sellers and managers in 20 video classes developed by over a dozen digital experts. This comprehensive program gets digital beginners up to speed quickly and challenges experienced digital marketers with new ideas in mobile, social, streaming, pricing, programmatic, contesting, email marketing, consulting services, systems, and metrics. Successful completion leads to the new CDMC Certification.

CRMCi: Certified Radio and Integrated Marketing Consultant

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The CRMCi is designed from the ground up to teach today’s radio sellers how to effectively communicate radio’s broad and multi-platform assets to help drive revenue growth at the station level. This new professional development training course is built upon the heritage of the Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) program, originally created to educate radio sales executives.  CRMCi builds upon that course to go one step further by training sellers to become integrated marketing consultants to their advertising clients regardless of market size.

RMP: Radio Marketing Professional

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RAB's Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) brings the best of our highly-a claimed classroom training to anytime, anywhere learning for your newest Radio sellers. The 17-Module course covers effectively positioning yourself as a marketing consultant, maximizing your time, prospecting, appointment, CNA's, written presentation, Co-op and NTR, competitive media and more.

CRMC: Certified Radio Marketing Consultant Certification

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The Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) is for sellers with a minimum of 18 months experience, or those having at least one year of experience but also having earned their CRMP. With an intense focus on helping your top billers bill even more, this program will allow your advanced sellers the opportunity grow their expertise with little or no time off the street. The course focus includes personal branding, new revenue streams, negotiation, consumer marketing, and more.

CPCC: Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter

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Create marketing campaigns that deliver dynamic results for advertisers by writing effective commercials. This RAB Certification was developed in cooperation with Dan O'Day, one of radio's most respected creative consultants. In this course you will hear how to use storytelling, when to use phone numbers and addresses, how to avoid commercial babble, how much copy is too much, and more in a total of 41 audio modules. Dan narrates each module and includes examples of effective commercials for the best learning experience.