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RAB Self-Study Certification Programs


RAB sets the industry standard for training and certification and now, getting your professional credentials is more convenient than ever. Areas of study include digital sales (CDMC), general areas of expertise (CRME) and copywriting (CPCC). For more information on any of the Professional Certification offerings, click on the links below or call RAB's Member Response Help Line at 1-800-232-3131.


RMP: RAB Foundations Academy Online with (RMP) Accreditation

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We've taken the best of our classroom content and put it into a new system of communicating key Radio sales concepts anytime, anywhere the student can access a computer … virtually everything your sellers would learn in our in-person Academy, and now we are doing it more cost effectively … with no skimping on content!

Sales Foundations include 18 online classes, workbooks, special learning interactions, valuable sales tools and complete online quizes with automatic email feedback to the manager.

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CRMC: RAB Advanced Academy Online with (CRMC) Certification

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There is a big difference between experience and expertise! RAB's Advanced Academy Online with Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) Certification is the next step in helping top billers grow their skill sets and commission checks to the highest level.

Recommended for sellers who have completed their Radio Marketing Professional Course, or have at least one year of experience under their belt, this program will allow advanced sellers the opportunity to grow their expertise with little or no time off the street!

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CDMC: RAB Interactive Academy Training with (CDMC) Certification

In the tradition of the RAB's storied certifications, comes the new Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) program.

In keeping with the transitions of an ever changing media landscape, this new designation for Radio Sellers Only is designed to recognize expertise in new media marketing.

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CRSM: RAB's Certified Radio Sales Management Course

Certified Radio Sales Management delivers eight on-line classes that focus on the issues and topics that GMs and owners have told us are most important:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Hiring
  • Compensation Ideas
  • Accountability
  • Sales Meetings
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory Pricing
  • Training

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CPCC: Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter

The success of any marketing campaign hinges on whether or not it delivers dynamic, measurable results. This certification course presented in cooperation with Dan O'Day will certify your ability to write creative copy that delivers.

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