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Jeff Schmidt - SVP Professional Development

Jeff Schmidt is Senior Vice President of Professional Development at the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Jeff helps you sell more. He lives his personal mission statement: Think BIG and make BIG things happen. Jeff is a 28- year veteran of the streets who uses his experience, creativity and passion to help you become a more successful seller or sales manager sooner.

While his mother wanted him to become a preacher or a lawyer, Jeff became an Accidental Salesperson with the Midwest Family Broadcast Group in the 80's. Jeff has navigated the complexities of working for small independently owned companies, survived the tumultuous and anxiety filled moments of 6 ownership changes, and excelled in the corporate broadcasting arena. He rose through the ranks of sales manager, market manager and regional vice president for the 2nd largest broadcast company in the world before joining RAB as SVP of Professional Development.

Jeff has led 1024 sales meetings, conducted 314 seminars so far. He is currently impacting the lives of sellers in the United States, Canada, Africa, Bulgaria, New Zeeland and Australia.


Brandeis Hall - VP Training

Brandeis C. Hall has been in broadcasting since 1986 when she asked a fellow an innocuous question and he promptly hired her to host the morning show on a local college radio station. Within three years, Brandeis was the Development Director, coordinating the annual fundraising drive and securing underwriting dollars to finance the programming. Soon after, WBAP in Dallas/Ft. Worth recruited Brandeis for their Promotions Department. Then France's Radio 74 came calling and asked Brandeis to direct their English-language programming. In 1994, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation tapped Brandeis to help them launch Switzerland's first English-language FM Radio station in Geneva - European headquarters of the United Nations and home to some 300 international corporations. In 1998 Brandeis returned to the Dallas/Fort Worth market, working with two local stations in sales and production.

Brandeis is currently the Vice President/Professional Development for the Radio Advertising Bureau in Dallas, specializing in Integrated Revenue (formerly NTR) and Co-op. With more than 20 years in Radio, Brandeis' experience has ranged from promotions to marketing, sales to research, and from management to on-air. In her current position, Brandeis offers Radio stations vibrantly creative solutions for their clients, helping them find and maximize revenue sources outside of traditional advertising budgets.


Dave Casper - SVP Station Services

Dave Casper is Senior Vice President/Internet Services for at the Radio Advertising Bureau in Dallas. Among other things, he oversees RAB online services, technology initiatives, and digital products including RAB Account Manager, online aspects of RAB Professional Development, ezAuction and a wide variety of digital services that serve RAB's nearly 7,000 member constituents.

Dave has 28 years of experience in Radio programming, creative, sales and management. He has devoted much of his career in Radio to helping salespeople develop new streams of revenue through non-traditional means, working extensively in promotional and Interactive marketing. An accomplished web programmer and designer, Dave is also a widely-recognized speaker on Interactive sales strategy for Radio, presenting at various conferences and state association meetings across the country.