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Preparedness / Emergency Response


Hurricanes and tornadoes, floods, fires, blizzards and blackouts - disasters can strike anywhere, at any time! The first place many Americans turn when disaster strikes is to their local Radio stations.

Is your station prepared to handle an emergency situation? RAB offers this Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Response area with references that can help any Radio operator make sure all systems are set up to alert listeners of impending perilous conditions, then follow up with help for emergency responders and civilians as they cope with catastrophe.

American Red Cross Advertising Resources:

Ad Council Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
In the event of an actual disaster, check the Ad Council site and the American Red Cross site for announcements on specific relief efforts.

Latest Disaster Preparedness Articles
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Important Resources

Other Sites of Note
The following sites offer information and tips on preparing for and surviving all sorts of disasters, as well as guidance in giving to charities following an emergency or volunteering for the relief effort. All will be helpful to Radio stations in putting together their local plans and promoting safety tips and preparedness to their audiences.

During 2004, the most destructive hurricane season in American History, Arbitron conducted a benchmark study among residents of the Gulf Coast region about their media choices and use of Radio. Five years later, this research still provides powerful insights into how Radio can be an effective resource during disastrous events.
Arbitron: Riding Out the Storm

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