As I round off my fourth month as Chief Marketing Officer of Entercom, I hear stories from our listeners, DJs, and program directors all across the country about the unique role radio plays in people's lives. I want to share one of those stories with you.

On the road in March for an Entercom sales training seminar in Seattle, Weezie Kramer, Entercom's Chief Operating Officer extraordinaire, was able to squeeze in an appointment with a young local hairstylist named Aidan. Weezie and Aidan quickly moved past the usual small talk and found they connected on a much more personal level. Turns out, Aidan was an avid listener of 107.7 The End, Seattle's alternative rock station operated by our very own Entercom.

Aidan spoke of the deep connection she felt to a particular morning host, Gregr, and how big of a role The End had played in her life. She'd grown up listening to 107.7 and acknowledged that the station had introduced her to every artist she had come to love. When the appointment was over, Weezie was delighted to bring Aidan to the studio to meet the local personalities she listened to every day.

Aidan enthusiastically shares her story with us here:

Video Editor Credit: Allegra Oxborough

Aidan's story has one thing in common with so many others I hear every day—it highlights the extraordinary power of radio.

The numbers reflect this power, as well. With more entertainment choices than ever before, radio is still the platform 93% of Americans turn to. How do we hold on to these listeners? We at Entercom have a theory that has held us in good stead for almost 50 years: In a sea of mass-produced "cookie-cutter" playlists, people crave the intimacy, personal connection and opportunity for discovery that our local radio stations are able to give them.

Sir Richard Branson said it best: "People want personality, local insight, and a feeling of connection – all qualities great DJs on radio stations can share, and streaming sites can't replicate." America is listening, and they are particularly listening to our Entercom stations. We are the fastest growing, best performing radio broadcaster in the country—and we got here by thinking small. We have developed deep roots and unbreakable bonds in local communities stretching across 28 markets and 125 top-rated stations.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to brand marketers, media buyers, and creative leaders of our beloved industry, it's this – Get Personal. This means connecting on a local level with listeners and partnering with the talent who develop meaningful relationships with people like Aidan, daily. Planting those local roots is what makes traditional radio the number one consumer companion and Entercom the broadcaster of choice.

I cannot wait to introduce you to more Entercom listeners like Aidan.