Technology! It enables us to do things quickly and gives us capabilities to do stuff that we could never do before. Technology provides us with choice (arguably too much choice). It helps to save lives and exposes us to experiences and content never before dreamed possible. Technology gives us the ability to multi-task, makes us a smarter population and it allows us to make informed decisions.

This year (2019), Gen Z (people ages 7-22 - born between 1997 and 2012) will surpass Millennials as the most populous generation, comprising roughly 32% of the population and collectively influencing $600B of family spending annually. This generation is unique to any that have come before them because they have never known a world without unlimited digital access and are consumers of content everywhere and anywhere they can get it.

Jeff Warshaw, Founder and CEO, Connoisseur Media;
Gerry Tabio, President and Founder of Creative Resources

Of all the media available to a marketer, none can surpass the intimacy that is achieved every day between a radio announcer and his/her listeners. A recent study underscores the trusted relationship that radio personalities enjoy with their listeners. Not only was it shown that radio is the most trusted medium, but it was also found that 80% of listeners feel that radio personalities care about “the things that matter to me.” This stands in stark contrast to other competing media, including jukebox-type audio services that have zero local content. Radio creates a real connection between individuals. That is why it continues to be such a vital force in every community in America. Radio reaches more people than any other medium in this country, yet it remains overwhelmingly a local medium.

Getting Creative with Short Form

Sponsorships of traffic, weather, news and even music blocks on radio and in streams typically include a short-form sponsor identification. Many advertisers will showcase their brand with an audio logo or a live read “presented by” billboard or bumper. The American Egg Board capitalized on the short-form opportunity to not only fulfill a business objective but truly engage listeners with inspiring content in the form of “4-second recipes.”

Radio Helped Make Records at the Box Office

Bohemian Rhapsody – an award-winning film, a record-breaking box office hit, a rock classic for over 40 years, a chart-topping song and a band that influenced the lives and careers of so many.


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