No advertising platform is gaining faster global acceptance than programmatic trading platforms, with growth unseen since the advent of digital advertising in the mid-1990s.

The major difference then and now is that ad-spending increases are a direct result of better ROI for advertisers. This is because programmatic provides marketers the analytics and data they have craved to better help them target and follow their consumers throughout their days. Reported in a white paper commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau and based upon a combination of interviews and industry intelligence, Prohaska Consulting forecasts that 10-15% of local and national broadcast radio inventory (excluding local direct) will be transacted programmatically by Q3, 2016.

The promise of programmatic radio is to make radio smarter and a better strategic partner for you, our advertising clients, and to help narrow targeting to reach the right audience with richer stories on the media they most enjoy throughout their day.

Advertisers and agencies interested in receiving a copy of the white paper on programmatic for the radio industry, please click here to submit your request.