By: Hartley Adkins, EVP of Operations for Major Markets at iHeartMedia

Think before rushing to use the latest media trend buzzed about; and turn on the radio. Today radio is everywhere: AM/FM broadcast, online, smartphones, iPads, auto dashboards, Smart TV, gaming consoles and more, everywhere the consumer is. And because radio's ROI is more than $6 for every $1 spent – double even the best results from many recent digital or TV media, it's also far more cost-effective. For advertisers who say they want to use mobile, radio is more mobile than what's traditionally considered 'mobile,' with 2/3 of all radio consumption taking place outside the home — while only 1/3 of so-called mobile media is consumed outside the home. Listening to the radio is the last activity 1 out of 2 people do right before shopping.

And advertisers who want to invest in social, radio is the original social media, having spent decades interacting directly with listeners – first via telephone request lines, and today via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. A perfect example is the recent iHeartRadio Music Awards, which generated 14 billion social media impressions fueled by local radio personalities engaging in real-time conversations with fans before, during and after the awards, on-air and through social media. And for perspective, that is over DOUBLE the social impressions The Oscars generated and nearly QUADRUPLE what the Super Bowl Halftime produced.

There's no question radio delivers results for advertisers, and does it better and more cost-effectively than TV. Where else can you find a deep connection to listeners and an unmatched ability to reach 245 million consumers monthly across multiple platforms? Nowhere else. So turn on the radio and turn up your ROI!