For years, radio has been lacking the metrics that advertisers needed to quantify the impact of their advertising on consumer purchase behavior. Katz Radio Group (KRG) wanted to demonstrate the financial impact to the bottom line of a top 5 telecommunications (Telco) company. Katz Radio Group partnered with Nielsen to evaluate the return on advertising spend and used Nielsen Buyer Insights to quantify radio advertising impact with actual sales metrics, identify key sales drivers behind sales lift and understand how buying behaviors of different audiences were impacted by radio ad exposure. Telco company buyers exposed to the radio campaign spent $8 more per month than consumers who were not exposed. The exposed audience in total spent approximately $210 million more versus the baseline (the spending that the Telco would have experienced without radio). Millennials exposed to the campaign had double the increase in monthly spending for the Telco company's products and services ($16 increase in monthly spending vs. $8 increase for A18+ exposed audience). "Today's marketers are seeking proof points for their media investments," said Katz Media Group EVP of Strategy, Stacey Lynn Schulman. "This study demonstrates the power of radio to drive sales among its listeners, including those hard-to-reach Millenials."

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McDonald's and Local Radio
Demonstrate the Power of Partnership

On April 15, 2015, McDonald's celebrated their 60th Anniversary! Don and Deanna Witzel from Danville, Illinois were 1 of 4 owner/operators selected from over 3,000 operators across the U.S. to be honored for their community partnerships and local store marketing efforts. The McDonald's corporate executive team paid a visit to Danville to meet the community and celebrate the Witzels.  Neuhoff Communications rolled out the red carpet Danville style with a customized welcome to the community CD produced by the Neuhoff radio team that was played in-flight as the McDonald's team landed in Danville; the radio stations covered the visit which included tours of iconic community establishments, meetings with local dignitaries and had the local high school band greet the executives on the runway.

But the visit was just the icing on the cake (or cheese on the burger).

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of McDonald's, the Witzels offered customers a throw-back deal - 60-cent hamburgers for one day only. On Wednesday, April 15th they announced the special using ONLY locally produced radio ads. No print, no in-store signage, no reader boards…just radio – just radio on just 3 Neuhoff Radio stations in Danville. The results were astounding! The previous Wednesday 178 hamburgers were sold across their 6 stores. This Wednesday, more than 3294 hamburgers! Yes, in one day a 3116 unit increase over the previous week and a 12% increase in customers walking through the doors. That is the power of local radio. That is the power of local partnerships.