It’s a coveted event and televised property that provides advertisers with a buzzworthy, one-day PR platform that most definitely drives awareness and water cooler chatter for brands, but it comes at a hefty price tag (approximately $5MM for a :30 spot). As the excitement builds for the big game, it’s important to note that almost 8 in 10 sports radio listeners say their local sports radio station is their main source of Super Bowl news and over 9 in 10 (94%) sports radio listeners watched some or all of Super Bowl LI in 2017. They were also tuned in to Westwood One’s Super Bowl LI broadcast – to the tune of 27.7 million listeners (P12+ estimate).

Westwood One Sports celebrated the creativity of their advertising partners by hosting the 4th annual Westwood One Sports Sound Awards where listeners vote and rank the most popular audio commercials that aired during the network's Super Bowl LI broadcast. "As one of the country's largest audio broadcasters, it is our responsibility to inspire and celebrate great audio creative that we can deliver to a quarter of a billion listeners with our powerful audio platform,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP Corporate Marketing, Cumulus and President, Westwood One. "As smart marketers know, this is the Super Bowl of advertising as well, where millions of consumers are tuning in and where brands can tell their story and be heard.”

Motel 6 landed the top two spots with Tom Bodett, the voice behind the brand of Motel 6, shining through in these ads by provoking laughter as he tries to appeal to millennials by using slang-filled language you can hear by sitting around any of the teen members of your family or visiting a mall food court. The second place ad was boasting the key themes about the Motel 6 brand that we often think of -- comfortable, affordable and family friendly. Hagerty Insurance took listeners down memory lane to reflect on the feeling of having their first car. You can listen to all of the spots at Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and those that continue to show us the power of artistic brilliance in radio.