Getting Creative with Short Form

Sponsorships of traffic, weather, news and even music blocks on radio and in streams typically include a short-form sponsor identification.  Many advertisers will showcase their brand with an audio logo or a live read “presented by” billboard or bumper.  The American Egg Board capitalized on the short-form opportunity to not only fulfill a business objective but truly engage listeners with inspiring content in the form of “4-second recipes.”

Eggs…. most people only eat them for breakfast, but the American Egg Board’s goal was to get people to eat more eggs, and to do that they had to get them thinking about eggs beyond breakfast.  Energy BBDO got creative with the traditional live read bumpers and asked listeners the age-old question, “How do you like your eggs,” and presented them with 4-second recipes inspiring listeners with new egg recipes.  Take a listen to the 2018 Radio Mercury Awards winner for “Most Innovative Commercial Use of Radio” here.