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Alternative Revenue (NTR)


From this page you can access a wealth of information related to generating Alternative Revenue at your station. Click on any of the links below to begin.

Case Studies from Advertisers

See how some of America's biggest brands have used Radio to build brand and drive sales in this select collection of national case studies. Recommended for: Seeding and proposals.

Category Spotlight Reports

When people think of NTR they think of the food/grocery industry, which is lucrative, but there are lots of other categories waiting to be tapped. In the category spotlight, Revenue Development Systems, reports on a specific industry - what makes it a viable category, program ideas, pitfalls to avoid and more.

Cause Related Sponsorships

This continually updates guide offers a look at what top advertisers are sponsoring nationally, i.e., Eckerd Corp. - Arthritis Foundation; C. Penney - Second Harvest; Kraft Foods - Boys & Girls Club; Quaker Oats - Breast Cancer Survivor Program; etc.

Food Councils and Associations

A listing by category (meat/poultry, dairy/eggs/cheese, seafood) of the various food councils, etc. from around the country, i.e., Wisconsin Milk Producers, California Beef Council, National Pasta Association and many more.

'How To' Articles

Articles important for trying to secure non-traditional dollars.

Manufacturers' Headquarters

A listing of corporate offices/phone numbers for the top twenty manufacturer categories, i.e., beverage, electronics, food, apparel, travel, etc.

NTR Tip of the Day

Ideas, information and insight from RAB's experts-in-the-field. The Non-Traditional Revenue Tip of the Day is presented by independent professionals on the cutting edge of new business development, including Co-op, Event Marketing and manufacturer-funded plans.

RST: NTR Focus

Weekly news, information, new product introductions, line extensions, program ideas and any other information that is important to salespeople trying to secure non-traditional dollars.

Sample Proposals

Take a peek at Non-Traditional Revenue - Take Your Proposals to New Heights, Volume 3. You will find a list of over 70 proposals.

Terms To Know

Marketing and partnering with clients in the package goods industry is a whole new ball game. To help ensure a smooth ride, you'll want to become familiar with their terminology. This guide exposes you to hundreds of terms that you will need to know or be familiar with in dealing with manufacturers and retailers.