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Political Advertising


2015-2016 Political Handbook

2015-2016 Political Advertising Handbook for the Radio Account Executive

The Political Advertising Handbook will help you at every stage of the political advertising sales process.

  • Read it to gain a working overview of the essential concepts of political advertising.
  • Consult it to evaluate compliance with FCC and FEC requirements.
  • Use it in day-to-day dealings with political advertisers.
  • Created with special assistance from:

2016 Political Calendar- UPDATED!
Primaries, Runoffs and Start Dates for Lowest Unit Charge (LUC)


Links to Political Party Websites

Links to important political party and affiliated group websites.


Political Agencies

Addresses, sites and phone numbers for many of the agencies representing political candidates, PACs and issues.


Radio Is On for Political

Radio Advertising Bureau in partnership with Katz Radio Group and Nielsen Audio hosted "Radio. It's On for Political" at the Union Station Columbus Club in Washington, DC on February 3rd.

Check out the event.


Radio - Gets Out the Vote

Here are slides to help you create a dialogue on why radio should be used for political campaign efforts.

Radio - Gets Out the Vote


Political Advertising Thought Starters

Here are some ideas to help you get started crafting your message tailored to political advertisers within your marketplace

Political Advertising Thought Starters


NAB offers a number of special resources and forms covering political advertising. Please see the link below to visit the NAB Store.


Additional Resources:


Radio's Impact on Voters


Political In the News

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Why Radio is a Bigger Factor in 2016 Campaign 

Campaigns turn to a cheaper medium to get voters' ears: Radio  

Power to the people: Connecting with political millennials through music  

Radio Trumps all other media for campaign's first ad buy; Cruz also on Radio's bandwagon  

Morning commute: Reaching voters with more than just talk radio  

Radio an effective way to influence swing voters  

Political Advertising Message Thought Starters