Radio Advertising Bureau Launches Enhanced Co-op Directory

New York, NY - March 26, 2014 - The Radio Advertising Bureau has re-launched the widely used and successful RAB Co-op Directory after a full overhaul of all of its services. The new directory now has over 9,000 freshly updated listings available to assist with co-op sales strategies for RAB members across the country.

The directory plans include details for both radio and digital co-op information in a new, easier-to-read format. Like the previous directory, plans include company co-op contacts, plan accruals, claim information, approval and request forms, affidavits and tear sheets, as well as specificity on the terms for each co-op program's execution.

New additions to the co-op directory include:
  • Links to the manufacturer's websites and to a Dealer Locator feature - sellers will know whom to prospect for an advertising campaign on their station's airwaves and website in their local markets.

  • "Ad Material Warehouse" - this section features current scripts from many manufacturers. Scripts are searchable by category and by company or brand name.

  • Digital co-op users will find a veritable treasure trove of advertiser logos, banner ads, skyscraper ads and other materials already created and formatted for uploading to your station website in the Ad Material Warehouse.

  • Weekly Sales Leads - a new sales lead is uploaded every Monday and features an upcoming promotional push from a specific manufacturer who is offering additional or increased co-op for a particular seasonal product. This arms sellers with information on the campaign, incentives being offered, prepared ads, and relevant co-op details for the promotion.
For new co-op sellers, or for those seeking to strengthen their co-op sales skills, there is also a new Tutorials tab within the directory. This section includes a "Getting Started" booklet, a webinar on using the directory, and a series of informative co-op 101 articles on how to target your best prospects, utilize manufacturer spec ads, generate co-op proposals, and more. These are all available in PowerPoint and Microsoft Word formats.

"Co-op advertising is an integral part of local radio sales and we continue to improve our offerings as a benefit of RAB Membership," noted Erica Farber, President and CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau. "We are excited about this newly revamped RAB Co-op Directory for our members and know it will drive additional revenue into radio stations across the country."

The RAB Co-op Directory is a benefit of RAB Membership. To learn more about accessing this directory, log on to www.rab.com.

Click here for image of the RAB Co-op Directory.

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