Radio is Effective for Healthcare Advertising

Insurance Influences Medical Care Choices

New York, NY – August 13, 2014 – When it comes to which type of advertising influences healthcare choices, radio was ranked as the most effective medium – especially among 25-44 year olds – according to findings from RAB's F.C.T. Report. In addition, when it comes to medical care decisions, it is insurance that outranks all other choices – including medical referrals

"With changes in medical and insurance coverage top of mind with consumers, this reports confirms radio’s ability as a powerful medium to influence their selection of where and who will provide them with medical services," stated Erica Farber, RAB President and CEO.  "Marketers in this category who are trying to reach the 25-44 year olds should look to radio to communicate to this target group."

Findings show that respondents are happy with their current healthcare coverage. And while a large portion of the respondents are aware of the Affordable Care Act, there are still many that do not understand the Act. The F.C.T. Report survey was conducted from May 1 to May 22, 2014, and queried over 9,000 respondents aged 18+ about their preferences in handling their healthcare needs.

Of those surveyed:

  • 77% of respondents state that a radio personality’s testimonial for healthcare products makes them trust the product the same or more.
  • Reputation and positive experiences are the top two reasons that local hospitals are top of mind.
  • The majority of respondents are currently seeking services by a dentist or orthodontist.

"Once again, with the cooperation of RAB member stations nationwide, we’ve captured lucrative insights on a key sale category," stated Ruth Presslaff, President, Presslaff Interactive Revenue.  "In this instance, we’ve uncovered important healthcare needs and preferences that should play an important part in making radio a strong and healthy choice for a myriad of healthcare advertisers."

A webinar featuring the national results will be presented by the RAB and Ruth Presslaff, on August 26, at 10 AM Central and 3 PM Central. To register for the Healthcare webinar, click here. To become an RAB member, please call Member Response at 800-232-3131 or email.

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