RAB Partners with Assessments 24x7 to Help Attract and Retain Top Broadcast Radio Sales Talent

New York, NY – October 11, 2017 – The Radio Advertising Bureau has partnered with Assessments 24x7 LLC, led by CEO Dr. Tony Alessandra, professor, author and respected speaker.   RAB will be offering its members direct access to the Executive Summary Sales assessment bundle, which provides managers with three key hiring assessments:  The DISC profile, The Motivators, and the Hartman Value Profile, all proven talent hiring strategies and evaluation procedures for sales professionals.
”A vital component of RAB’s mission is to provide the tools and resources to help the radio industry attract new sales talent and enhance industry professionalism through training and support,” said Erica Farber, President and CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau. “We believe this new partnership with Dr. Tony Alessandra will be a valuable benefit to our members, and help us further deliver our mission and enable managers to more effectively increase the productivity and profitability of their teams.”

Research by Mark Purbrick of Profiles International shows only 48% of hired salespeople are actually suited for a sales job, and managers spend up to 40% of their time working with the not-yet- equipped salespeople. Using assessments prior to hiring helps managers infuse an objective, data-driven process into their hiring system.  Companies who utilize these assessments have dramatically increased their ability to hire the right people, reduce turnover, and increase performance through coaching and training tailored to the individual seller. 

“Selecting the wrong salesperson can cost a radio station many thousands of dollars AND negatively impact a station’s morale, productivity and customer satisfaction. Employing the RAB online assessments can help differentiate high and low sales candidates to help hire high performers with longevity,” noted Dr. Alessandra.

Detailed information including a sample report, a video explanation of the Executive Summary Sales bundle and pricing are available here.  

About the Radio Advertising Bureau
The Radio Advertising Bureau is the not-for-profit trade association representing America's broadcast radio industry. Its primary objective is to drive revenue growth through advocacy, providing the tools and resources to help the industry attract new sales talent to the medium and enhance industry professionalism through training and support. The RAB serves more than 6,000 member stations in the U.S. and more than 1,000 member networks, representative firms, broadcast vendors, and international organizations. Learn more at www.rab.com.

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