RAB Includes Customizable Radio Spots to the Radio. It's On! Campaign

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As part of its Radio. It’s On! social media campaign, RAB has added a new component inclusive of Radio It’s On! audio spots stations can air on their radio stations. The spots can be used as is or customized with their own on-air personalities and station identification. Spots are available in English and Spanish along with various spot lengths. The spots and scripts were created and produced by Yaman Coskun, founder and creative director, Yamanair Creative. 

The audio campaign is free to RAB members and is available for download here.
Additionally, RAB has added new social media tiles titled Gatherings, Social Distancing, and Passing the Time, New Normal and Group Call to its previously announced social media campaign.  The new creative is available for download here.
We will continue to update you as more tools from RAB are made available to broadcasters.