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Ad Council "Caregiver Assistance Roadblock"


The RAB is spotlighting a significant Ad Council initiative that affects millions of your listeners: the Caregiver Assistance Roadblock.

More than 42 million adults now care for their aging loved ones. The majority are women, and many are sandwiched between caring for their parents and their own children. More than 1 of 5 caregivers report a decline in the quality of their physical, emotional and social lives.

The Caregiver Assistance Roadblock spotlights AARP resources to help aging parents and caregivers alike. A Spanish-language version of the campaign is available and drives Hispanic caregivers to visit AARP's Spanish Caregiving Resource Center.

Please leverage your station's on-air, online and social media to support this drive around Mother's Day (May 3-10) and Father's Day (June 14-21). Support the Ad Council's Caregiver Assistance Roadblock by running new PSAs that raise awareness for critical AARP resources created to help more than 42 million Americans who care for their aging loved ones.

Below you will find suggested Live Announcer Copy (LAC), suggested social media material, talking points, and imagery for your talent and station websites. Visit the Caregiver Assistance Roadblock website now for Hispanic PSAs, and look for new general market creative in early May.

  • Live Copy: Click the image below to download Live announcer copy:

  • Websites and Mobile Apps:  Post these to your Web and Mobile pages: