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Hard to Separate Advertising from Entertainment
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Radio is the master of integrating paid advertising into content. When a radio personality delivers weather, sports, or entertainment news, the audience is attentive. When the same personality delivers a commercial, the audience remains attentive. The commercial becomes part of the content.

(Source: Adweek, by Sam Thielman, 03/17/14)
RAB Training Sessions at the NAB Show

The Radio Advertising Bureau will present five revenue and growth oriented sales and marketing sessions at this year's NAB Show, to be held in Las Vegas April 5-10, 2014.

On Monday, April 7, from 3:15-4:00 PM, Radio's Best Ad Categories for Your Sales Staff to Target will be the featured presentation. This seminar will highlight the automotive, healthcare and political categories, and explain how you can get more of their ad spend.

For more information on the NAB Show, follow this link.

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DR Brand Marketers Favor Twitter for Local Campaigns
Keywords: Social Media

Depending on how you measure them, the average Twitter account has between one and 61 followers. Yet, despite those modest numbers, direct-response marketers are increasingly confident in Twitter's ability to scale local campaigns.

Take Dunkin' Donuts franchisee First Cup, which recently relied on the micro-blogging platform to plug its "Free Medium Hot or Iced Coffee Campaign" in Phoenix, Ariz.

(Source: Social Media & Marketing Daily, by Gavin O'Malley, 03/17/14)

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TVB Claims Local TV Metric Equals National Ratings Metric
Keywords: Television

Pushing for TV advertisers to include paying for local time-shifted TV viewing, TV advertising trade group TVB now says a local TV metric with time-shifted TV viewing is nearly comparable to a national ratings metric. That includes three days of time-shifting -- a metric that TV advertisers agree to use in their deals.

(Source: Media Daily News, by Wayne Friedman, 03/17/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: Practice Makes...Well, at Least Better

Role-playing is one of the best ways to improve sales skills. This past week a manager called asking RAB if we have role-plays to use in sales meetings. We're pleased to see these stations strive to become the best they can be. After all, too often salespeople "practice" on their best clients, never practicing with someone else before presenting to clients.

Throughout RAB Professional Development programs we talk about the sales process:

Seven Steps to Selling Success

1. Prospect
2. Appointment
3. Research
4. CNA
5. Proposal
6. Presentation
7. Close

Not all steps lend themselves to role-play, but managers can conduct these role-plays:

Getting an Appointment

1) Have the salespeople role-play a call to a prospective client (you playing the client role and being tough).
2) Then share the RAB sample "script" and discuss the value of keeping it short and prospect-focused (available for download from under the "Appointments" link in the nav bar once you are logged in.
3) Role-play using the script verbatim.
4) Role-play having the salesperson put the concept into his or her own words, but following the concept of the RAB script (almost always salespeople see the difference and embrace the RAB concept).


1) Have salespeople ask a "prospective client" (you or ideally a real client willing to come attend your meeting) CNA questions.
2) Then discuss the RAB-recommended CNA "script" (available for download from under the "CNA" link).
3) Give everyone time to prepare for the CNA at the next sales meeting.
4) Have salespeople ask another "prospective client" CNA questions using the RAB suggestions (almost always salespeople see the difference).


1) Have salespeople prepare a presentation or present a one-sheet or package.
2) Show the RAB video on making presentations (Stream the video called "Presenting Tips" from our RMP class available under the "Presentations" link).
3) Have salespeople again make presentations using a) agreement and b) engagement.


1) Have salespeople role-play asking for the order.
2) Show the RAB sample proposal that includes 8 elements of a good proposal (available to download under the "Presentations" link in Word or PPT format). Print out a copy for each salesperson in the sales meeting.
3) Show the RAB sample "Addressing Objections and Closing" script (available for download under the "Presentations" link called Objections Process).
4) Have salespeople go for the close again using the script verbatim.
5) Have salespeople go for the close using their own words, but using the concept.

Final Tips

We have found that the "before" and "after reviewing RAB training" results in dramatic improvement and by role- playing, salespeople see the difference and embrace the new-found techniques.

When doing video, we have found it best to video salespeople in a meeting, but give the video to the individual to review on his/her own. It is less stressful on the salesperson and still serves its purpose: helping them to see the good and bad.

After going through these exercises, use real-life examples following the RAB concepts in future meetings. Remember the old quote: Success is not a destination, it is a journey. The journey requires constant practice.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB

Sales Manager, West Virginia Radio Corporation
Small Market Manager, Digity

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