Digital Focus | Friday, March 14, 2014

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Broadcast Brands; Digital Harvests
Keywords: Radio | Digital Media

David Matathia, Director, Marketing Communications for Hyundai Motor America, spoke with us at the RAB. He was joined by Hyundai's media agency Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Fred Sattler of Initiative US. They shared their thinking of how each medium works for Hyundai and how a mix of media allows one to support another.
RAB Training Sessions at the NAB Show

The Radio Advertising Bureau will present five revenue and growth oriented sales and marketing sessions at this year's NAB Show, to be held in Las Vegas April 5-10, 2014.

On Monday, April 7, from 3:15-4:00 PM, Radio’s Best Ad Categories for Your Sales Staff to Target will be the featured presentation. This seminar will highlight the automotive, healthcare and political categories, and explain how you can get more of their ad spend.

For more information on the NAB Show, follow this link.

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Having CRM is of No Value, Using CRM is the Answer
Keywords: Digital Media

All sales organizations can use digital tools to improve effectiveness. But having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool only helps increase sales when you embrace it, keep data updated, and use the reports to make you more effective.

(Source: National Center for the Middle Market, by Erik Sherman, 02/06/14)

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Brands Favor Social Media for Local Promotions
Keywords: Social Media

To target consumers in local markets, national brands increasingly look to social media before more conventional channels, such as email, sponsorship, or newspapers.

In fact, nearly 60% of franchise businesses (57.9%) use their Facebook page for local promotions, according to a new report by BIA/Kelsey, which was commissioned on behalf of Web marketing firm Surefire Social.

(Source: Social Media & Marketing Daily (MediaPost), by Gavin O'Malley, 03/12/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: Use Empathy to Close SMBs

Small and Medium Business owners invest their hearts and souls in their businesses...and often their life savings as well. Then along comes a media sales rep who has never operated a business telling the owner what he or she should do. Suggestions are too often lacking empathy for what business owners know and do daily.

Some of the best local, direct salespeople have had entrepreneurial experience in their past. Those who don't have experience have studied the business of business.

Want to know more of what is on the SMB owner's mind? Spend time reading tips on the U.S. Small Business Administration's site,

Barry Cohen co-founded and manages an advertising agency outside of NYC. He wrote a book called Start-Up Smarts for business owners and media reps who call on them.

Barry will be a guest presenter on this month's RAB Webinars, March 18 and 20. The webinar is called: "What Radio Salespeople Need to Know About Business." Registration is available at here.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB

Sales Manager, West Virginia Radio Corporation

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