Thursday, March 20, 2014

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'Tis the Season for Home Improvement Retailers
Keywords: Home Improvement

Home improvement stores in many parts of the country are looking forward to a later-than-usual sales boost for their typical springtime assortment of products.

And despite the lag in traffic to retailers in weather-affected regions of the country, experts are confident that pent-up demand and some warmer temperatures will ignite sales.

(Source: CNBC, by Krystina Gustafson, 03/17/14)
The NAB Show: A Chance to Learn!

The Radio Advertising Bureau will present five revenue and growth oriented sales and marketing sessions at this year's NAB Show, to be held in Las Vegas April 5-10, 2014.

On Monday, April 7, from 2:00-3:00 PM, Concentrating on Core Radio Revenues will be offered. Digital and integrated media are important, but don’t let these new attractions allow your salespeople to take their eye off of your primary revenue opportunities.

For more information on the NAB Show, follow this link.

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Consumers Still Enjoying Happy Hour
Keywords: Bars & Nightclubs | Beer

Is Happy Hour still the after-work social occasion it once was? According to recent research from Technomic, almost 70% of adult beverage consumers say they order happy-hour drinks at least once in a while.

(Source: Technomic, by Christine LaFave Grace, 02/25/14)

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Don't Forget the Groom When Marketing Bridal Jewelry
Keywords: Jewelry Stores | Bridal Market

Although most bridal market advertising by jewelers is usually aimed at the brides themselves, maybe more of an emphasis should be placed on the groom. After all, he is responsible for purchasing the priciest piece of wedding jewelry -- the engagement ring.

(Source: JCK Magazine, by Emili Vesilind, 02/02/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: When the Prospect Says 'No'

First, the prospect deserves to be sincerely thanked for his/her time and for giving you an opportunity to exchange information. A hand-written note is always appreciated and sets you apart from a vast majority of salespeople that take shortcuts.

Next, you need to stop and objectively reflect upon the circumstances that caused the prospect to say, "No, thank you." Depending upon the situation, you may have a high likelihood of landing the account sometime down the road.

Here is a list of questions that you should ask yourself when debriefing each sales call:

-- Did they decline because I proposed a solution before fully exploring their needs and collaborating solutions with them?
-- Did I do my best possible job of asking questions; encouraging them to share their ideas, or did I do too much "presenting" of my ideas and possible solutions?
-- Did I adjust to their pace (faster versus slower) and to their priority (task versus relationship)?
-- Am I confident that I helped them make the best possible decision that is in their best interests?
-- By behaving respectfully and professionally, have I left the door open for doing business later if their situation changes?
-- Based on their reasoning for not buying, might the situation change in the future?

True sales masters become comfortable hearing "no," as long as they have gotten to the real reason(s) for the answer.

Source: Sales consultants Scott Zimmerman and Dr. Tony Alessandra

Sales Manager, West Virginia Radio Corporation
Small Market Manager, Digity

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