Digital Focus | Friday, March 28, 2014

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Radio Engages a Large Audience Quickly
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Ezra Kucharz, CBS Local Digital Media's President, wrote an Op Ed earlier this week pointing out the power of radio, even as an advertising medium for online audio services.

When advertisers, including dot-com music services, need to make an impact radio is the answer. Local radio stations have brand credibility and engender trust.

(Source:, by Ezra Kucharz, 03/24/14)
RAB Training Sessions at the NAB Show

The Radio Advertising Bureau will present five revenue and growth oriented sales and marketing sessions at this year's NAB Show, to be held in Las Vegas April 5-10, 2014.

On Monday, April 7, from 3:15-4:00 PM, Radio's Best Ad Categories for Your Sales Staff to Target will be the featured presentation. This seminar will highlight the automotive, healthcare and political categories, and explain how you can get more of their ad spend.

For more information on the NAB Show, follow this link.

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One-Third of Online Ads Are Bogus
Keywords: Internet Advertising

In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the Interactive Advertising Bureau was cited as saying 36% of all web traffic is fake.

With over half of all digital ads being placed using software, many advertisers are unaware of the sites on which their ads are displayed. This allows fraudulent sites to generate machine-driven impressions or clicks on ads to earn revenue.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal, by Suzanne Vranica with contributions by Mike Shields, 03/23/14)

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Brands Look to Online Video Ads, Push TV Aside
Keywords: Digital Media

Online video is interactive. Brands appreciate the engagement with consumers. This has TV networks and stations thinking about ways to make content available digitally and retain ad revenues as brands look for more online video ad opportunities.

(Source: ClickZ, by Tessa Wegert, 03/20/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: This Is Why I Am Here

Barry Cohen was our guest presenter on this month's RAB webinar titled "What Salespeople Need to Know About Running a Business." Barry has over 35 years of radio and advertising experience, including the last 15 as principal of an advertising agency. He's author of two books, Start-Up Smarts and 10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign.

One of the best tips I heard him deliver during the webinar was to tell prospects: "I'm here to sell something FOR you, not TO you." And beyond saying the words, he said being a customer-centric salesperson requires you to demonstrate to the client that you are performing with that philosophy.

A recording is available on demand here if you have time to listen to more of his suggestions (price is $49).

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB

Sales Manager, West Virginia Radio Corporation
News/Talk/Sports Sales Manager, Federated Media

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