Digital Focus | Friday, April 4, 2014

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Audio Benefits From 'Viewability' Metric
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It's widely believed that a third or more of digital display advertising goes unseen. This may be because a user has scrolled past the ad before it loads, or perhaps never scrolls far enough down to see the ad at all. Of course, there is no shortage of highly creative fraudsters in the display ad business, compounding the problem.

Then there's another question. Even if an ad is "in view," is it actually seen by the user?

(Source: Media Daily News Commentary, by John Rosso, 04/03/14)
Join Us At The NAB Show!

The Radio Advertising Bureau will present five revenue and growth oriented sales and marketing sessions at this year's NAB Show, which begins Saturday in Las Vegas and runs through April 10.

The first of these seminars is new to the agenda -- Lunch and Learn -- A Discussion on Radio's Four Significant Issues. It will include segments on the perception of radio, digital revenue, HD radio and overall revenue trends.

This session is scheduled for Monday, from 12:00-1:30 PM. Subsequent workshops will be held throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday morning. For more information on the NAB Show, follow this link.

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Radio and Local Media Apps: 23% of Local App Downloads Favor Radio

A new study released by The Media Audit reveals that 17% of U.S. adults have downloaded a local media app to their smartphone and that 23% of these consumers heavily favor radio, spending three or more hours per day listening.

(Source: The Media Audit FYI, 03/28/14)

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iHeartRadio Enjoys Rapid Growth
Keywords: Radio

iHeartRadio is now second to only Pandora for streaming audio. From May, 2012, iHeart grew from 10 to 40 million users in just 18 months. The integration of 800 radio stations, customizable music, concerts, and now music awards make this a unique brand.

(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, by Eric Chemi, 03/26/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: Don’t Say These 7 Things

In a blog post by Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me and columnist for Inc, Forbes and LinkedIn, there are 7 things successful people would never say.

Remove these phrases from your vocabulary:

1. "That's not in my job description."
2. "It can't be done."
3. "It's not my fault."
4. "This will just take a minute."
5. "I don't need any help."
6. "It's not fair."
7. "This is the way it's always been done."

Source: Read Pozin's full post here.

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