Alternative Revenue Focus | Monday, April 14, 2014

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Retail Bank Sponsorship: 8 Blistering Hot Buttons
Keywords: Sponsorship Sales

Banks are looking for more than just awareness and hospitality opportunities in their sponsorship options.

Eight hot buttons are driving the retail bank category in what they buy and how they activate sponsorships.

(Source: IEG, 04/07/14)

Webinar Tomorrow: How To Get Your Voicemail Messages Returned

How far into your voicemail message does your prospect get before punching "delete?" Your prospect is distracted with other concerns, and your job is to say something that is going to cut through all of the clutter and get their attention.

Join author, speaker, and radio pro Dan O'Day as he shares specific examples, key words, secret weapons, and real voicemails that will get your messages returned.

This webinar will presented on Tuesday at 10 AM, and again this Thursday at 3 PM. For registration information, click here.

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7UP Goes After Millennials/Hispanics Via EDM Event Sponsorships
Keywords: Generation Y Market | Hispanic Market

7UP is shaking up its marketing by turning away from moms 35+ and going after Millennials directly. The target venue? Electronic dance music events.

EDM is the fastest-growing music genre and EDM events are just starting to add brands to their experiences.

(Source:, by Natalie Zmuda, 04/08/14)

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SodaStream Targets Ocean Pollution, With Light Touch
Keywords: Cause-Related Marketing

SodaStream is taking on a serious subject with a fun, tongue-in-cheek style. The "Great Pacific Garbage Patch," a collection of mostly plastic waste that is twice the size of Texas, is the target.

Oh, and they want to sell a lot of SodaStream machines, too.

(Source: Marketing Daily, by Karlene Lukovitz, 04/09/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: A Good CNA Question A terrific question to ask accounts when conducting your client needs analysis is, "What might you be able to do in-store or otherwise to give additional value to a cross-promotion partner?"

This question opens the possibility to create an end-aisle display, add shelf talkers, or set out registration boxes/displays. All of these things have value to someone.

Source: Brandeis C. Hall,, (972) 753-6786

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