Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Study Suggests That Frequent Shoppers Aren't Necessarily Loyal Ones
Keywords: Retail Market | Loyalty Programs-Retail

Conventional thinking among retailers is that a frequent customer is a loyal one. Not necessarily so, says a new study from Cardlytics.

The research indicates that customers who often visit specific retailers tend to be heavy "category spenders," which means that they also frequently shop at other retailers in the same channel. Instead, true loyalty is often the domain of "light consumers" who make fewer trips to stores but typically shop at the same ones.

(Source: Marketing Charts, 03/21/14)
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The insights into your radio station listeners' thoughts regarding healthcare will give you an upper hand versus other local media when you meet advertisers in this important category for radio.

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More Dentists Utilizing Advancements in Technology
Keywords: Dentists

High-tech methods of performing various procedures have become the norm in the field of medicine, and dentistry is no exception.

An increasing number of oral health practitioners are embracing the quicker, and very often less painful, concept of digital dentistry.

(Source: USA Today, by Michelle Healy, 04/06/14)

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AHAM Report: It Pays to Buy New Appliances
Keywords: Appliance Stores

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has come out with a study that emphasizes what a lot of industry analysts have been saying for years: In the long run, it's probably cheaper to buy a new appliance product instead of a used or refurbished one.

(Source: Appliance Magazine, 04/09/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: Why Do Sales Incentives Fail?

When sales incentives fail, the most common reason for the failures is that many of the company's salespeople lack key talents required for sales success. When salespeople lack these talents, no amount of incentives will cause them to suddenly sell more effectively. A more likely outcome is they will start to press harder to close sales and suffer a decline in sales performance!

In other cases sales incentives fail because the contest is "stacked" in favor of certain salespeople. Look closely at your sales team and your company's sales incentives and contests while considering the following questions:

* Do the same salespeople consistently win all of the contests and incentives?
* If some salespeople service larger or more productive accounts, are your contests and incentives structured to enable all of your company's salespeople to have a fair chance of winning?
* Are the incentives generating incremental sales, or are they simply rewarding salespeople twice for results they would have produced without a special contest or incentive program?

Source: Sales consultant/author Alan Rigg

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