Tune In to Diversity | Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Survey Indicates Teen Spending is Stabilizing
Keywords: Teen Market

Listening to Music on the Radio Still Important to Young People

Piper Jaffray recently announced the results of its 27th semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens market research project, which signals a potential point of stability in teen expenditures, with spending contracting by just 1% from Fall 2013, compared to sequential declines in the mid-single digits previously.

(Source: Piper Jaffray, 04/09/14)
Win More Than $25,000 in the Radio Mercury Awards.
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Submit client and/or station promotions into the new Radio Promotion of the Year category. Accepted entry formats include a spot, campaign, program open, live read, innovative unit lengths, remote or live experience, digital campaign (audio and/or visual, dynamic or static), Public Service Announcement or tune-in announcement. Entries can be in English or Spanish.

If you win, you'll take home a prize and trophy on June 4 at the 2014 Radio Mercury Awards, the premiere creative competition for radio. Showcase your radio work and be acknowledged on a national stage.

Submit your radio work that was broadcast, on-air or digitally, in the 16 months between January 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014. Complete your entry online by the final deadline, Wednesday, April 30.

Go to www.radiomercuryawards.com for entry guidelines and easy online entry.

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NAHB Study Reveals Key Differences in Home Preferences Based on Race or Ethnicity
Keywords: Ethnic Marketing | Real Estate - Homes

According to a new survey by the National Association of Home Builders, there are some significant differences among home buyers when the ethnic backgrounds of these prospective homeowners are examined from an age and income standpoint.

(Source: National Association of Home Builders, 03/10/14)

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The Do's & Don'ts of Marketing to Millennials
Keywords: Generation Y Market

Millennials represent a huge market for advertisers, if for no other reason than the sheer size of this demographic.

Forbes magazine contributor Patrick Spenner recently sat down with Katie Elfering of CEB Iconoculture for a Q&A session regarding how marketers are trying to connect with this elusive age group, as they discuss the Millennial mindset and what marketers are doing right and wrong in reaching them.

(Source: Forbes, by Patrick Spenner, 04/16/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: As a Sales Manager...

If you are a sales manager who wants to continue to develop your team and grow your business, there are questions you should be asking yourself.

They are simple questions but have far-reaching implications for how well you are preparing your sales force for the ever-increasing competition for the products/services you sell.

Value selling training experts suggest you take the quiz below to measure your sales success potential:

1. Do you make it easy for your customers to buy? Check to see that your sales process does not present barriers that make it confusing or complicated for your clients.

Simplify your message, be customer-centric, remove unnecessary steps in the buying process, smooth the delivery path, and always ask if there is anything more you can do to satisfy them.

2. Do you welcome change? If you are stuck in the old way of selling, you will soon be left behind.

Constantly reevaluate your sales process and incorporate changes that make sense. Sales teams who are committed to improving performance are the ones who win in the end. They are never complacent and always strive to do their job ever more effectively.

3. Is technology your friend? Sales technology can be a powerful ally in maintaining contact information, managing relationships and updating reports. Use it to your benefit and see that the systems are user-friendly and serve the purpose of streamlining sales activities.

4. Do you challenge your sales team? Establish performance objectives for your sales team and for individual team members that are possible. They should stretch the team's abilities but not be so unrealistic that they destroy motivation.

Make sure that the performance measurement system promotes accuracy, transparency, consistency and fairness.

5. Do you have effective recognition and rewards? Everyone is encouraged by the proverbial carrot and works to avoid the proverbial stick. Set clear objectives, measure progress and then reward achievement and act on failure. You may not need monetary rewards (it will depend on what motivates the individual) but be sure you recognize effort and success.

6. Do you have a sales culture of trust and high performance? The way you behave suggests the way your team will behave, which forms the basis for the way customers view you. Be honest and straightforward and keep the customers' best interests at heart.

Does your team have a winning attitude? You as team leader set the tone. If you are positive and upbeat, your sales force will likely adopt your attitude. To do well at sales, the team needs to be confident and believe they can win.

7. Is your sales team aligned to the company strategy? Can they articulate why they do what they do, not only from a personal but also a professional perspective? The more they are dedicated to the company and what their offering can do for their customers, the more successful they will be.

Source: Writer/business blogger David Jones

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