Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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7th Annual 'Rising Through the Ranks' Course Now Accepting Applications
Keywords: Radio

Highly-Successful Program is Dedicated to the Support and Advancement of Women in Radio Sales Management

Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group (MIW) will present the seventh annual "Rising Through the Ranks" Seminar, August 27-28, at the BMI Nashville headquarters in Tennessee.

As in years past, BMI will offer 20 scholarships for this year's program. These scholarships cover the cost of the professional development course, which is designed to foster and educate emerging female radio sellers and managers within broadcast radio.
Upcoming Webinar: Social + Mobile -- Incremental Revenue for Radio

This webinar features the findings of BIA/Kelsey, with information about two fast-growing areas of digital advertising. You'll learn the key implications of both social and mobile for radio stations, and opportunities for you to add incremental revenue.

BIA/Kelsey's Senior Analyst Jed Williams will present proprietary research and recommendations for radio. He'll include case studies of successful station programs you can use as ideas in your own market.

This webinar will presented twice: Tuesday, May 20, at 10 AM, and again on Thursday, May 22, at 3 PM. For registration information, click here.

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Home Improvement Professionals Bullish on Business Growth This Year
Keywords: Home Improvement

Ninety percent of North American home builders, architects, remodelers, landscape professionals and interior designers expect revenue to grow in 2014, according to the first "Residential Design & Renovation Outlook" report based on data provided by more than 6,500 service providers on Houzz, the online platform for home remodeling and design information.

(Source: Houzz, 03/27/14)

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Survey Supports Kroger's Dominant Position Among Grocery Shoppers
Keywords: Supermarkets

A new study by Wells Fargo Securities highlights the popularity of Kroger among grocery customers. According to the survey of more than 1,000 consumers in eight markets, 34.1% of the respondents identified Kroger (and its associated banners) as their primary place to shop for groceries.

(Source: Supermarket News, by Jon Springer, 04/23/14)

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Daily Sales Tip: The Planned Presentation

The best sales presentation possible is not vastly different each time. There are certain benefits and features of every product that must be communicated, and those benefits and features must be communicated in the best way possible. Best, by definition, means one, exclusive, alone; the best way is better than any other way by its very definition. There are not five best ways; there can be only one best way.

Your goal is to give the best presentation you can to each and every prospect. How do you get there? You have a choice based on your experience -- shoot from the hip, go with the flow, or plan your presentation. It's your choice, but the only way to give the ever-elusive "best" presentation and to give it every time is to plan it.

Here are some thoughts about why it pays to plan your presentation:

I. Have Planned Responses
If your presentation is planned, you'll have time to think about your prospects' verbal and non-verbal reactions and comments. If you have to think of what you're going to say next, you simply can't do that.

II. Gain Heightened Efficiency
Efficiency is the second advantage of planning your presentation. No non-relevant material can creep into your presentation to distract you or your prospect. You don't repeat yourself. You cover all the salient points in the most efficient manner possible.

III. Guarantee Thoroughness
Third, you guarantee that you are more thorough. Perhaps that is really just a part of efficiency, but it helps to think of it separately. You never leave anything out, and you never present important points in the wrong place in your presentation if you've planned and practiced.

Unplanned presentations can go on forever, leave important points out, and in general be wastes of qualified prospects' time. You can also miss important buying signs, interest signs, and signs of concern because you have to worry about what you are going to say next rather than pay attention to the nonverbal communication that is taking place. If you are only listening to yourself, you can't listen to the prospect!

IV. Practice to Make Perfect
Another reason for giving a planned presentation is to better gauge your results. Very few professional athletes experiment with their shot, stroke, or swing.

All the pros tweak and constantly strive to improve, but their basic motions stay the same. It's when they stray from that basic motion that they have slumps or bad games.

The same is true in sales. Great salespeople can have bad days, bad weeks, or longer slumps when they stray from their basic planned presentation.

Source: Author/entrepreneur/sales coach Tom Black

Advertising Agency Franchise Owner, Viamark - MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME, NY, NJ, PA, DE, NC, SC, TN, GA, FL

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