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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Liquor/Wine Retailing
Who's Drinking What, And Where
With the week of the July 4th holiday typically generating beer sales that are dramatically higher than an average week, new research by Technomic takes a look at which states drink the most beer, along with those who favor spirits and wine.

(Source: Technomic, by Christine LaFave Grace, 07/01/14) ...
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Americans' Thirst for Wine Continues to Grow
U.S. wine consumption continued its upward trajectory in 2013, so much so that America overtook France as the largest wine market in the world.

Research by Technomic showed that per capita wine consumption in the U.S. rose 0.7% last year, with the average legal drinking-age consumer enjoying an estimated 3.63 gallons during the year, up from 3.61 gallons in 2012 and 3.48 in 2011.

(Source: Technomic, by Christine LaFave Grace, 05/20/14) ...
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