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More Women Are Riding Motorcycles, and Harley Wants to Cash In
Harley-Davidson already commands a healthy share of motorcycle sales among male riders. But what the iconic bike brand is looking for these days is more women buyers.

To that end, Harley will soon start offering two new additions to its lineup -- the Street 500 and Street 750 -- that have been designed to appeal to women customers. Harley-Davidson claims to have 62% of the female market, and it's hoping for more.

(Source: Businessweek, by Kyle Stock, 06/02/14)

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Harley Ready to Unveil Its New, Smaller Bike
Harley-Davidson, one of the most iconic names in the history of American manufacturing, has been known as the producer of some of the motorcycle industry's biggest cruising bikes.

But earlier this year, a bike unlike anything Harley has made in years began rolling off the assembly line. Known as the Street, it's the company's first entirely new product in a decade and its first U.S.-built small bike in almost 50 years.

(Source: Reuters, by James B. Kelleher, 04/07/14) ...
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