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Wal-Mart Maintains Position as Largest U.S. Retailer; Amazon Breaks Into Top 10
With Wal-Mart remaining firmly entrenched in the top spot, probably the biggest surprise in STORES Magazine's latest list of the Top 100 U.S. retailers was the first-time appearance of Amazon among the 10 largest companies.

While Wal-Mart rang up 2013 sales of $334.4 billion, Kroger captured the No. 2 spot with revenues of $93.6 billion. Rounding out the top five were Costco ($74.7 billion), Target ($71.3 billion) and The Home Depot ($70.0 billion).

(Source: National Retail Federation, 07/03/14) ...
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What Are The Country's Most Popular Stores?
What are America's most popular stores, the ones that consumers visit most often? Placed, the consumer habits data service provider, determined that the most popular retailers are generally in the fast food, discount retail and pharmacy categories.

Half of the most visited stores are fast-food chain locations, while mass merchandisers and drug stores each have two representatives on the list, and the convenience store category has one.

(Source: 24/7 Wall St., by Thomas C. Frohlich, 04/30/14) ...
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A Retailer's Guide to Webrooming
The popularity of Web-based shopping has adversely affected brick-and-mortar stores, but a change in the way consumers make purchases may give traditional retailers a fighting chance.

Showrooming, the process of browsing in-store and buying online, is beginning to take the backseat to webrooming. This is the exact opposite of showrooming, and conventional businesses may be able to take advantage of the trend.

(Source: Merchant Warehouse, 05/09/14) ...
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Consumers Pick Their Customer Service Favorites
Prosper Insights & Analytics has announced its Customer Service Champions for 2013, a list that includes a mixture of traditional and non-traditional retailers.

(Source: Forbes, by Pam Goodfellow, 05/06/14) ...
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Study Suggests That Frequent Shoppers Aren't Necessarily Loyal Ones
Conventional thinking among retailers is that a frequent customer is a loyal one. Not necessarily so, says a new study from Cardlytics.

The research indicates that customers who often visit specific retailers tend to be heavy "category spenders," which means that they also frequently shop at other retailers in the same channel. Instead, true loyalty is often the domain of "light consumers" who make fewer trips to stores but typically shop at the same ones.

(Source: Marketing Charts, 03/21/14) ...
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American Consumers Combine Goals of Saving and Spending
A new survey from American Express finds that Americans expect to save more of their money this year -- but not all of it. Their plans also call for increased spending on certain items.

According to the poll, 54% of consumers put saving money as their number one goal this year, compared to 33% who said the same last year.

But the survey also found that 48% of Americans are feeling confident about their finances.

(Source: Daily Finance, by Michele Lerner, 03/13/14) ...
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Retailers Adjusting to the ‘New’ Consumer
Customers are shopping at a fewer number of stores than they have in the past, which highlights the importance of building a loyal base of customers.

"Companies are starting to realize the importance of the customer, but it's a slow shift," said Forrester Research Analyst Emily Collins.

(Source: CNBC.com, By Krystina Gustafson, 03/03/14) ...
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