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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers Have the Opportunity to Become Community Centers
No longer just a place to shop, shopping centers are becoming key activity centers in the social fabric of communities, elevating their purpose beyond simply offering an outlet to buy groceries or pick up a new blouse. As a result, developers and retailers face big opportunities to elevate these centers into a central gathering space for consumers.

(Source: Nielsen, 06/05/14)

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New Tenants, Technologies Enabling Malls to Better Compete
Shopping malls in the U.S. are undergoing a transformation to better compete with their Internet-only competitors, in terms of new technologies and an evolving roster of tenants.

Grocery stores, fitness centers – even post offices – are starting to appear in shopping centers across America. These non-traditional tenants are not only helping occupancy rates, but they are also helping consumers combine trips to a single destination, thereby encouraging cross-shopping among other mall retailers.

(Source: CNBC, by Krystina Gustafson, 04/23/14) ...
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Shopping Centers Undergoing a Transformation
Despite the recent financial troubles of several long-time mall stalwarts such as Brookstone and Sbarro, the American shopping center isn't dead, it's just changing.

Mid-level malls are underperforming, but high-end shopping centers are doing just fine.

(Source: Fortune, by Claire Zillman, 03/31/14) ...
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