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New-Car Dealers Would Like a Bigger Slice of the Used-Vehicle Market
The increasingly lucrative used-car market is receiving more attention from franchised new-vehicle dealers, who want to capitalize on the fact that used-car sales are typically more profitable than new-vehicle transactions.

Franchised new-car dealers sold 15.6 million used vehicles in 2013, approximately the same as their new-car sales numbers, according to the Manheim 2014 Used Car Market Report. But overall, used-vehicle sales totaled almost 42 million last year, including those attributed to independent used-car dealers and individuals.

(Source: Automotive News, by Jamie LaReau, 05/26/14) ...
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Surge in Off-Lease Vehicles Should Buoy Used-Car Market
Thanks to a large number of off-lease vehicles returning to market this year, dealers' search for a supply of reasonably priced used cars and trucks appears to be just about over.

According to Manheim projections, some 2.1 million off-lease vehicles will be back on the market this year, up from 1.7 million in 2013. Manheim projects that number to increase to 2.5 million in 2015.

(Source: Automotive News, by Arlena Sawyers, 04/21/14) ...
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