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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Autos-New Domestic
Auto Industry Looking Forward to a Big Second Half of 2014
Halfway through 2014, automakers are on pace to post full-year sales totaling 16.22 million vehicles, the most since 2006.

And they are doing so with record transaction prices, lower incentives and about 4,000 fewer retailers than the last time demand was this high, which means both the factory and the dealer are making considerably more money.

(Source: Automotive News, by Nick Bunkley, 07/07/14) ...
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Sales of Luxury Cars Continue to Surge
Benefitting from a healthy stock market and an overall improving economy, sales of luxury vehicles have been on a roll so far this year.

Through the first five months of 2014, luxury automakers sold almost 66,000 more vehicles than they did a year earlier, for an increase of 11%. In particular, Lincoln, Lexus and Infiniti have posted the biggest gains.

(Source: Businessweek, by Kyle Stock, 06/23/14) ...
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Crossovers Lead the Way in May
America's auto dealers received yet another pleasant surprise in May. Instead of a predicted 5-6% rise in sales, the number of transactions during the month jumped 11%.

The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate was 16.8 million, the best since July 2006. May was up 163,848 units from the year before, about 80,000 of it unexpected.

(Source: Automotive News, by Jesse Snyder, 06/09/14) ...
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Employment Hits the 1 Million Mark at U.S. Dealerships in 2013
Profit Margins Remain Flat, Despite Rising Sales

A rebounding U.S. economy and rising auto sales are having a positive impact on the employment outlook at franchised new-car dealerships across the country, says the National Automobile Dealers Association in NADA Data 2014, a report on dealership sales and financial trends.

Employment at U.S. franchised new-car dealerships topped 1 million people last year after falling during the recession in 2009. America's new-car dealers employed 1,008,800 people in 2013, up 3.4 percent from the previous year.

(Source: National Automobile Dealers Association, 05/22/14) ...
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New Study Identifies Which Auto Brands Attract the Youngest Buyers
According to a new study by IHS Automotive, Dodge appeals to the youngest U.S. auto buyers among non-luxury brands, while Land Rover and Lamborghini typically attract the youngest buyers in the luxury and exotic segments of the car business.

(Source: Automotive News, by Vince Bond, Jr., 05/05/14) ...
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New-Vehicle Sales Gain Momentum, With Consumer Spending at Record-Level Pace
If preliminary reports hold true, April should be another strong month for U.S. vehicle sales.

The number of transactions appear to be headed for the 16 million mark on a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) for April, according to the surveys. As a comparison, the industry sold 15.5 new vehicles for all of 2013. J.D. Power estimates that consumers will spend $33.5 billion purchasing new vehicles this month, a record amount for April.

(Source: The Detroit Bureau, by Joseph Szczesny, 04/28/14) ...
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Vehicle Sales for March: Better Than Originally Thought
Upon closer examination, March's light-vehicle sales look even better than they first appeared. The reason? The 6% gain came in the final few days, and it was literally all on the retail side, which makes dealers happy.

Retail sales increased 7% in March, when compared with March of 2013, while fleet volume slipped 1%. The surge in the last portion of the month helped register a seasonally adjusted selling rate of 16.4 million, the second highest monthly SAAR since 2007.

(Source: Automotive News, by Jesse Snyder, 04/07/14) ...
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March Auto Sales Beat Projections as Buyers Return to Showrooms
Thanks to a largely unexpected surge near the end of the month, U.S. vehicle sales exceeded analysts' forecasts with a 6% sales gain for the month of March.

Overall, automakers sold nearly 1.54 million vehicles as the seasonally adjusted sales rate hit 16.4 million, 1.1 million higher than last March.

(Source: Automotive News, by David Phillips, 04/01/14) ...
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Crossovers, Trucks Continue to Outsell Cars
Crossovers and pickups continue to lead the way in automotive sales as 2014 begins to unfold. And from an economic standpoint, that's not a bad thing, analysts say.

After the first two months of this year, cars accounted for 47.4% of U.S. sales, according to data from WardsAuto.

(Source: Detroit Free Press, by Alisa Priddle, 03/16/14) ...
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Chilly Weather Stalls February Vehicle Sales
The frigid weather that blanketed many parts of the country did its part in keeping shoppers out of showrooms in February, as auto sales finished basically flat for the month, when compared to February of 2013.

However, consumers began returning to dealerships in the latter part of the month, and manufacturers are looking forward to March, historically one of the busiest sales months of the year.

(Source: The Detroit News, By Karl Henkel and Melissa Burden, 03/03/14) ...
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