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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Sponsorship Sales
Sponsorship Category: Office Supply Retail
Office Depot and Staples are neck-and-neck in sponsorship competition. Office Depot sponsors 52 percent of properties that have a sponsor in the office supply retailer category; Staples is a close second at 43 percent.

The two companies largely focus on two property sectors: sports and causes. Sports represent 62 percent of total deals in the category, while causes represent 23 percent, according to IEG Research.

(Source: IEG Sponsorship Report, 06/23/14) ...
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Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival Makes New Sponsorship Deals
The July 18-20 Pitchfork Music Festival has secured new deals with Jim Beam, Beats Music, Chipotle and Topman, a men's clothing retailer.

(Source: IEG Sponsorship Report, 06/30/14) ...
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Millennials the Future For Fast-Growing Tea Market
Say good-bye to the image of little old ladies drinking tea. Millennial moms and their kids are the way forward for the tea industry, according to Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea in the U.S.: Retail and Foodservice, 5th Edition.

(Source: Marketing Daily, by Tanya Gazdik Irwin, 06/26/14) ...
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Panasonic Signs a Multi-Year Deal With NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon
"It is an excellent time to extend our relationship from behind the scenes to the car on the track," says Rance Poehler, president, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.

Panasonic is seeking to "leverage the partnership to promote technology solutions and products..." including cameras, electronic displays, televisions, digital signage, Toughbook computers and projection units. The deal covers the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Nascar seasons.

(Source: NYSportsJournalism.com, by Barry Janoff, 06/17/14) ...
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Honda Launches YouTube Music Channel 'Honda Stage'
Honda is launching what it calls a "360-degree, multi-platform music program" in an attempt to reach Millennials they believe are tuning out TV, radio and print ads.

Honda would have the rights to take video from live stage performances, in-studio performances and interviews from Honda-branded venues and make them available on their own YouTube channel.

(Source: Advertising Age, by Michael McCarthy, 06/11/14) ...
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Keurig Uses Sponsorship for Demonstrations and New Sales, Distribution
Single-serve coffee company Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is broadening its sponsorship portfolio; signing and seeking ties in fashion, entertainment and other categories at both the national and local level.

(Source: IEG Sponsorship Report, 06/02/14) ...
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IEG Releases Top Sponsorship Report
This downloadable report is IEG's annual look at who spends the most on sponsorship, identifies the most active companies and categories, and how much they allocate to partnerships.

(Source: IEG, 05/28/14) ...
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Effective Sponsorship Proposals: The Primary Proposal
IEG SR recommends that properties use two proposals in the sponsorship sales process: the proposal brief and the primary proposal. One is short and sweet with one clear goal: to secure a meeting or telephone call with a prospect.

The other contains significantly more information, but both documents share a similar format: the opportunity, tailored benefits, customized promotional overlays and fee.

(Source: IEG Sponsorship Report, 04/14/14) ...
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Marketers Go Where the Millennials Are: Summer Music Festivals
More than $1.34 billion will be spent by brands sponsoring music venues, festivals and tours this year, but not all of the spending is going to title or traditional sponsorship elements.

Some brands are putting their spending into tailored experiences outside festival grounds; others are offering mobile apps that send users push notifications from brands as they walk near sponsors' tents.

(Source: AdAge.com, by Michael Sebastian, 04/16/14) ...
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Retail Bank Sponsorship: 8 Blistering Hot Buttons
Banks are looking for more than just awareness and hospitality opportunities in their sponsorship options.

Eight hot buttons are driving the retail bank category in what they buy and how they activate sponsorships.

(Source: IEG, 04/07/14)

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Survey Says Sponsors Want More Tangible Results, New Benefits and Services
The IEG's 14th annual IEG/Performance Research Sponsorship Decision-Makers Survey shows new trends and changes in the status quo for sponsorship decision-makers. Biggest news: Sponsors are prioritizing connections to personalities and talent associated with properties, as well as access to sponsored organizations' databases and mailing lists.

(Source: IEG, 04/04/14) ...
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Audio Streaming Providers Let the Brands Play On
How can brands extend the life of a music sponsorship after an event and continue to engage and activate consumers? The answer seems to be through audio streaming channels.

(Source: Cardenas Marketing Network, by Christian Banach, 02/17/14) ...
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#Hashtags; Don’t Just Lie There, Do Something!
What to do with the ubiquitous #hashtag? Use them to leverage engagement and revenue at your events. This slideshow gives 12 creative ways to use hashtags effectively at your events.

(Source: BizBash.com, by Alesandra Dubin, 01/27/14) ...
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5 Emerging Sponsorship Categories for 2014

IEG SR highlights five categories that are expected to expand sponsorship activity in 2014, recent deals in each category, and hot button goals and objectives. Electronic Cigarettes, Online Gambling, Beauty Brands, Usage-Based Auto Insurance, and Cruise Lines are facing increased competition, burgeoning new markets, or are searching for new venues to increase exposure to new consumer aurediences.

(Source: IEG Sponsorship Report, 01/13/2014)
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07/11/2014 Get Better Results for Your Advertisers Targeting Men | Nielsen Dampens Enthusiasm for Mobile TV Ratings | Radio, Mobile Phone and Recording Industry Execs to Discuss Hybrid Radio at 2014 Radio Show 
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07/09/2014 Auto Industry Looking Forward to a Big Second Half of 2014 | Study Shows Which Dealers Are Best at Closing the Deal | Service Shops Hustling to Keep Up With Rising Demand  
07/08/2014 RV Sales on Track for Best Year Since 2007 | Indulgent Offerings Continue to be Fast-Food Staples | Study: Children Influence Home-Buying Decisions 
07/07/2014 Back-to-School? But We Just Left! | Martha Stewart Takes On Triscuit Recipe Contest | Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival Makes New Sponsorship Deals 
07/03/2014 June Auto Sales Defy Predictions Once Again | Who's Drinking What, And Where | Survey: Listeners Really Like Radio Personalities 
07/02/2014 Census Report Provides Latest Age, Diversity Information | Many Pre-Retirees Are Planning a Career Move | Messages Relating to Family, Cultural Identity Resonate with Hispanic Consumers  
07/01/2014 New Study Ranks the Different Types of Audio Consumers | Some States More Expensive Than Others for Car Repairs | Premium Product Shoppers Driving Growth of Pet Market 
06/30/2014 Cracker Jack Wants to Break Out of the Ballpark | Millennials the Future For Fast-Growing Tea Market | Small-Town Retail Returning To Main Street  
06/27/2014 Social Media Doesn't Affect Most Users' Purchase Decisions | Major Ad Agency Unhappy with Programmatic Buying, Pulling Out | Hyper-Local Data: Programmatic Game-Changer, And Not Just For Mobile 
06/26/2014 Where Does America Like to Fill Up? | Diners Are Expecting More From Limited-Service Restaurants | Sales Jump 9% for Major Appliance Retailers in 2013 
06/25/2014 Sales of Luxury Cars Continue to Surge | Influence of Auto Shows on Purchase Decisions Increasing Again | Lincoln, GMC Brands Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction 
06/24/2014 Many Homeowners Favor Remodeling, As Opposed to Moving | Carrier Financing Programs Boost Sales of Higher-End Smartphones | Shopping Centers Have the Opportunity to Become Community Centers  
06/23/2014 Panasonic Signs a Multi-Year Deal With NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon | Nivea Sun Wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions Festival For Kid-Tracking App | Quirky Peeps Expand to Quirky Holidays 
06/20/2014 Majority of CMOs Believe Digital is Changing Marketing, But Are Not Ready for the Shift | Disconnect Between ROI Perception and Reality | Increase Digital Revenue Selling Branding 
06/19/2014 Smaller Restaurant Chains See Gains in Customer Satisfaction | Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, Hyundai Rank Highest in Power Initial Quality Study | Younger Generations Far More Open to Branchless and Alternative Banks 
06/18/2014 Meet Today’s Millennials, Moms and New Retirees | Movie Business Recognizes the Importance of the Hispanic Audience | Boomers, Seniors Represent 'Golden Opportunity' for CPG Spending 
06/17/2014 Diamonds Are a Jeweler's Best Friend | Technology Offerings Increasingly Important to Restaurant Customers | Independent Bookstores Experiencing a Revival 
06/16/2014 Honda Launches YouTube Music Channel 'Honda Stage' | Millennials Require Some Quid Pro Quo for Charitable Giving | Need a Job? Fifth Third Bank is Using Their Own Ads to Help You 
06/13/2014 Financial Ad Category Open to Social Media Advertising | Connected Dash Means Advertising Is Coming Along for the Ride | Most Effective Digital Media: Social and Native 
06/12/2014 Back-to-School Ads: Earlier Each Year | Consumers Warming Up to Smartphone Upgrade Plans | Radio Creatives Encouraged to Submit Ideas for New Creative Edge Challenge 
06/11/2014 Crossovers Lead the Way in May | Large Market-Share Shifts Appear to Be Over, At Least for Now | Shoppers Visiting Fewer Dealerships During the Car-Buying Process 
06/10/2014 Price Drives Customers to Home Improvement Retailers; Staff/Service Keep Them There | More Women Are Riding Motorcycles, and Harley Wants to Cash In | Summer Has Become a Good Time for Health Club Promotions 
06/09/2014 Five Ideas for Integrating Mobile into Your Cause Marketing Efforts | Children's Charities Get United, JetBlue Support | Keurig Uses Sponsorship for Demonstrations and New Sales, Distribution  
06/06/2014 Branding is Nice, but Advertisers Prefer Driving Sales | Contextual and Customized Advertising Yields Better Results | Advertisers Park Digital Dollars and Wait For Consumers to Catch Up Online 
06/05/2014 2014 Radio Mercury Awards Recipients Honored at Annual Event | Spending on Father's Day Gifts to Top $12.5 Billion | Furniture Retailers Get a Lift from Memorial Day Sales  
06/04/2014 Survey Identifies Brand Preferences, Reasons for Buying Among Ethnic Auto Customers | Hispanics Represent a Key Opportunity for Healthcare Providers | Affluent Consumers Differ by Age, Shopping Habits 
06/03/2014 Retailers Gamble on Consumers' Holiday Spending Mood | Survey Ranks America's Favorite Grocery Brands | Small Businesses Expected to Increase Tech Expenditures 
06/02/2014 New Report Shows World’s Largest Companies Increasing Their Giving | Rite Aid Re-Rocks Its Skin Tour | IEG Releases Top Sponsorship Report 
05/30/2014 Striking a Balance between Traditional and Digital | Mobile Advertising Taking Direct-Response Marketers' Budgets | Six Social Media Tips for Advertisers 
05/29/2014 Sales of Top 100 Consumer Electronics Dealers Remain Flat in 2013 | Number of Pool and Spa Retail Stores Increasing | Condos Highlight Sales Report for Existing Homes  
05/28/2014 Employment Hits the 1 Million Mark at U.S. Dealerships in 2013 | New-Car Dealers Would Like a Bigger Slice of the Used-Vehicle Market | Concept of No-Haggle Pricing is Slow to Catch On 
05/27/2014 What Are The Country's Most Popular Stores? | Self-Directed Investors Seek Support, Financial Tools to Help with Decisions | Americans' Thirst for Wine Continues to Grow 
05/23/2014 BIA/Kelsey Says Mobile Will Match Radio Revenue in 5 Years | Patching Up Patch | A Retailer's Guide to Webrooming 
05/22/2014 Cellphone Purchase Process Continues to Evolve | Chicken Has Its Sights Set on the Hamburger | U.S. Boating Industry Riding Wave of Momentum 
05/21/2014 Research Explores the Distinct Characteristics of Multicultural Consumers | Automotive Brands Adapting to a More Diverse Market | Younger Generations, Hispanics Will Influence Country's Future Eating Habits 
05/20/2014 Survey Predicts Increases in Travel, Overall Spending This Summer | Leading Home Furnishings Retailers Implementing Expansion Plans | Home Technology Installations Continue to Grow 
05/19/2014 Big Beverage Summer Promotions | 'Underground' Cyclist Communities Offered ‘The Fat Tire Experience’ | $90M, 3-Year Campaign From Your Favorite Frozen Food Brands 
05/16/2014 Bloomberg TV: More Radio Listeners Than Ever | Radio is Still the One | Sell the Benefit of Your Trusted Website 
05/15/2014 Americans Name Their Favorite Quick-Service Restaurants, According to New Survey | Customer Satisfaction with Banks at All-Time High | New Tenants, Technologies Enabling Malls to Better Compete  
05/14/2014 New Study Identifies Which Auto Brands Attract the Youngest Buyers | Survey Highlights Importance of Moms in Vehicle-Buying Process | BMW, Lexus Lead in Luxury Auto Consideration 
05/13/2014 New Homes are Preferred by Buyers, But Prices Are a Turn-Off | C-Stores Hoping to Make Inroads on QSR Business | Jewelers Celebrate a Happy Mother's Day 
05/12/2014 2014 Radio Mercury Award Finalists Announced | It Looks To Be a Record-Breaking Summer For Concerts | Getting the Spotlight When You Aren’t Part of the Show 
05/09/2014 NextRadio App Grows Rapidly | Advantage Amazon | Marketers Still Skeptical About Mobile and Social 

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