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It Looks To Be a Record-Breaking Summer For Concerts
This is setting up to be the busiest year for concerts since the go-go 90s. There's a lot of new, young bands and live music is trending with consumers again.

Stadium tours are back in vogue; music festivals are hotter than ever, with new ones, both small and large, popping up everywhere. And new technology is changing the concert-going experience with high-tech marketing tactics.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal, by John Jurgensen and Hannah Karp, 05/09/14) ...
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When It’s OK, Even Brilliant, To Charge For Event Attendance
Bravo channel did it. LEGO does it. GoGoSqueeze and Life is Good are doing it.

(Source: EventMarketer.com, by Rachel Kirkpatrick, 02/13/14) ...
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