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Who's Drinking What, And Where
With the week of the July 4th holiday typically generating beer sales that are dramatically higher than an average week, new research by Technomic takes a look at which states drink the most beer, along with those who favor spirits and wine.

(Source: Technomic, by Christine LaFave Grace, 07/01/14) ...
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Appeal of Imports Increases Among Beer Drinkers
All the publicity surrounding the growth of craft beer has somewhat overshadowed the fact that another category of suds -- imported beer -- is doing quite well itself.

(Source: Technomic, by Donna Hood Crecca, 04/08/14) ...
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Consumers Still Enjoying Happy Hour
Is Happy Hour still the after-work social occasion it once was? According to recent research from Technomic, almost 70% of adult beverage consumers say they order happy-hour drinks at least once in a while.

(Source: Technomic, by Christine LaFave Grace, 02/25/14) ...
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Beer Alternatives Are a Hit With Consumers
Although craft beer has gotten most of the headlines for its rapid growth in recent years, a couple of traditional beer alternatives -- hard ciders and fruity malt alcoholic beverages -- are growing even faster.

(Source: TIME, by Brad Tuttle, 03/06/14) ...
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